• Bucharest, Romania

    Bucharest, Romania

    It's another week of travel for compLexity, as our Hearthstone division takes to the sky once again. coL.HS's Jan "superjj" Janßen and Simon "crane" Raunholst head to Bucharest, Romania for Dreamhack Bucharest.

    Thu 15th Sep 2016 - 9:01pmRead More
  • Busy Week for coL.HS

    Busy Week for coL.HS

    It’s exciting times for Hearthstone competitors everywhere, as recently the calendar is stacked with events.

    Tue 13th Sep 2016 - 6:35pmRead More
  • Misunderstood Cards in Karazhan

    Misunderstood Cards in Karazhan

    As a community, we are awful at evaluating cards. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but the community at large is always way off base in terms of which new cards are going to be powerful and which are not.

    Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 10:45pmRead More
  • Professional eSports Association (PEA) Launches

    Professional eSports Association (PEA) Launches

    Seven of the premier North American eSports teams have joined together under the banner of the Professional eSports Association (PEA).

    Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 7:18pmRead More