• compLexity @ The International 2015 Preview

    compLexity @ The International 2015 Preview

    A preview of the compLexity Gaming DOTA squad as they compete for $17,000,000 in The International 2015 in Seattle, Washington!

    Sat 25th Jul 2015 - 5:15pmRead More
  • coL.HS Welcomes Waffster

    coL.HS Welcomes Waffster

    Today we are proud to add a new face to the roster of coL.HS. In the spirit of supporting not only established players, but  also young and emerging talents, we found recruiting Robert ‘Waffster’ Myers…

    Wed 22nd Jul 2015 - 4:12pmRead More
  • Seattle, Washington

    Seattle, Washington

    The DOTA squad is headed to Seattle, Washington today to compete for $17 Million Dollars.

    Tue 21st Jul 2015 - 11:56amRead More
  • Changes to coL.HotS

    Changes to coL.HotS

    Captain and drafter Stafford “McIntyre” McIntyre will step down from the team’s starting roster to pursue other avenues.

    Sat 18th Jul 2015 - 5:15pmRead More

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