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da bears

Blog of deatthhhh!!!!!

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Playing cs all day all night, going to school on the side too . We are slowly getting better, unfortunately we lost our first cevo m match..... Talk about a poopy loss! Oh well it will just make us stronger in the long run. We have a long way to go to get to the top so don't give up on us! We promise to get aloooot better. Go Martin Luther King Jr!

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  1. jdubya's Avatar
    Can't win em all partner. Win some, lose some, all that matters is that you got growing pains as a team to go thru yet and its still young with a boat loads of potential.

    Keep your head high, and I'm sure I speak on behalf of most of the coL community by saying we have your back! Play your game the way you know how and things will fall into place.
  2. Sky's Avatar
    The way things went that match was HORRID , and thats being honest and I think other would agree. NSU on one half was playing a good game to be honest they where hitting almost every shot. Well coL wasn't. But as I said 100 times its rust and soon the rust will turn into gold. So nothing to worry about over a loss. What matters is coL moves forward and moves to North America Top TEIR. and some truth in what jdubya said. Most of these guys dont care if you win or if u lose they love u no matter what. the fact you steped up to make coL09 made most of our days. (not my self) because im focusing on making a franchise team and if it happens.. i dont want to play coL hah jk GL guys
  3. Aaron's Avatar
    It was a good game, keep your head up.
  4. eCurb's Avatar
    Give it some time Eric, you guys will get it.
  5. foobz's Avatar
  6. da bears's Avatar
    lol BEANS
  7. vnM's Avatar
    way to lose Erik, we never would of lost to a team named NSU back in the day. oh who am I kidding, we lost every online match ever hahah. this blog stuff is pretty sweet though.