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compLexity apartment!

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Hey Guys!
NOT READY YET!!!!! We are supposed to get the keys TOMORROW!

I'm at my city right now (Itapetininga) helping my family to pack stuff because mommy and my bro's are moving to Curitiba, a big city in the south of Brazil.

I'm going to São Paulo on thursday to start living at the apartment with my teammates. Below here is a picture of Itapetininga, i guess it's time to start putting it all at my memories because I'm not coming back here really soon and often anymore. By the way of course I'm coming back to visit my friends someday and I know I will miss these guys (and girls ofc) a lot.
Attachment 300

Its a church in the middle of the city.
Attachment 299

So its time of changes. We got the new website, family moving, I'm moving to live alone too and this is all really exciting. As soon as we get in the apartment I will make another blog with the pictures from there.

We already start practicing to Intel Extreme Masters and I really expect to get a great position there. All the teams around the world are practicing hard too but I'm confident that we with the new conditions to practice we can do even better than what we did in 2010. I liked the group but there are only good teams playing this tournament so I don't expect any easy match.

stay tunned guys!!! Check out our new website! A lot of new features! great

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Very cool! Once you get moved in we'll post a video and pictures on the homepage
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Cant wait Good Luck boys !
  3. coLFireZerg's Avatar
    wow awesome, I'm really excited for you guys! hope everything works out great =D!
  4. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    im incredibly jealous. this is so sick, you guys will have a blast!
  5. JaX's Avatar
    A lot of changes man, very exciting.