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Hello guys! I'm travelling today, unfortunaly not for competing at DH because KODE5 announced too late the last qualifier they want to do at Peru days before their grand final. It's holiday here tomorrow (15) at Brazil and i'm with my family visiting my aunt!!

Oliver 'Oly' made a fragmovie casting myself and published it today. You guys can check it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfUD7...layer_embedded

I really liked it and too bad i'm not at home because i wish i could thanks him right now.

You guys probably already know that i'm at army period and our final presentation will be at day 19 this month. One year of pure happiness with all these guys i met there. Gonna miss it for sure.

Meanwhile, after concluding it, i'm going to Sao Paulo and we will intensify even more our practices to attend Kode5 Brasil at days 25,26,27 this month.

Sorry this blog needs to be that short cuz my 2 little cousins are there pushing my hair. haaha. Stay tunned guys.

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  1. patronario's Avatar
    what hair ?
  2. bit1's Avatar
    nice question! give us an answer Gabriel please =D hahaha