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New Orleans Saints - Superbowl Champions

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Well last Sunday, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17, giving their city their first Superbowl win. A city devastated by the hurricane in 2005.

Five years later, the team is on top of the world and the city is rejoicing with happiness. The game was sealed on an interception by Tracy Porter that set-up a two possession game. There was not enough time left for Peyton to utilize his magic and subsequently ended the decade with just one Superbowl ring.

Sean Payton and Drew Brees joined forces in 2006 after Brees thought his career was over. Payton resurrected his career as many claim, and Brees paid him back by giving the man the Vince Lombardi Trophy. A shame Peyton's season had to end this way, but congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees and Sean Payton.

This weekend the NBA All-Star weekend kicks off in Dallas, TX. Festivities should be good with many fans in attendance to take all the action in. The more important business however, is that the NBA playoffs are just around the corner now. I made some random predictions at the start of the season, and will reiterate them.

So far things are not looking that great, but they were random for a reason

Los Angeles Lakers will not win the 2009/10 championship. They will however, make it to the Semi-Conference finals, losing to the San Antonio Spurs.
Allen Iverson will get the MVP award this season.
Cleveland will not make the postseason.
Toronto will take sixth in the Eastern conference, ending their season with a second round defeat.
Phoenix, Denver, Utah, Lakers, San Antonio, Sacramento, Dallas and Memphis will make the Western conference postseason.
Boston, Toronto, Orlando, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia will make the Eastern conference postseason.
Los Angeles Clippers will win 40+ games.
Stephen Curry will receive the Rookie of the Year honours.

I highly doubt there is any shred of chance that Iverson will hone the MVP this season. Cleveland will clearly make the post season, lol. Toronto is lingering in that sixth place finish, so we'll see.

New Jeresy has absolutely no chance of making the postseason, Detroit is looking grim and Philly has the best chance out of the three. Meanwhile in the West, I have Sacramento and Memphis on the outside, with Memphis looking like the one who could potentially find the 8th spot but doubt it.

Clippers are 19 games away from hitting the 40 game plateau and I feel at best, they'll get to 30, if that. Interesting so far and we'll keep track as the season continues onward.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Meanwhile, GO MOUSESPORTS!? I also leave you with this video of hilarity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXmv8quf_xM

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Wasn't really pulling for the Saints during the season but I have to admit I was pulling for them in the SuperBowl.

    Good blog Q
  2. JetBlk's Avatar
    I agree Jason. I really wanted them to win the Superbowl. Quartz knows as I was ripping on him the whole game
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    Nice Blog
  4. Quartz's Avatar
    @JetBlk :X
  5. divito's Avatar
    That video is ridiculous...LOL Feel bad for the kid for whoever tricked him into thinking that.