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The recent upsurge in hacking.

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Hello! I thought I'd do a quick little rant about whats been going on lately and what it means to me.

So recently this past week there have been a lot of people on the NA ladder, who have been using drop hacks. You hit find match, it finds a player, the countdown begins then you enter the game, only to find out instead of having a chance to practice your mechanics, build order, tactics etc... you meet some guy that uses a program that basically forces you to lag out of the game. Not very fun =(

First of all this is incredibly annoying for anyone who uses ladder as a tool for practice. The ladder is place where you can see a wide variety of play styles. test your own style against the masses and play someone equal to your skill according to your 'mmr'. BUT, instead of this I am facing against kids who type "lawl another free win for me" as they load up their hack and force me out of the game.

I saw my ladder rank go from 33 to 88 in 2 hours of getting drop hacked almost every game, just the other day, it frustrated me so much i didn't even feel like playing after, and who would?

but this isn't even the biggest issue that I have with this... The fact that there are people who would so boldly hack like this on the ladder must mean that there are many others who are secretive about their cheating. Of course I am talking about map hackers.

It has become apparent to me that it is quite easy at this moment in time for anyone to hack if they wish to, based on the pure amount of drop hackers I have encountered. It seems like blizzard cant do anything to stop these people from abusing the game and creating these hacks.

So, of course what this means is that there are many players who could be using map hacks that we would never know about. It is common knowledge that the hackers have improved to the point where they can avoid being caught by warden ( blizzards own anti hack program on battle-net ) and after reading the threads where people have been discussing these hacks on TL, the hacks also now have camera lock which means that you wont catch them looking at your base through the fog of war or doing anything else suspicious like that.

Given that it is so easy for people to hack now, whats to say people haven't already been abusing these hacks for a long time?

I feel as if the community currently does not pay enough attention to this issue and they really should considering the sheer volume of online tournaments that get played out each week.

We have our craft cups, our ESL cups, our Zotac cups, Champions trophy cups, weekly tournaments hosted by clans, the list goes on

Weekly tournaments that can be from anywhere between $10 - $200 in prize money, and all online. With no attention being paid to hackers and no anti hack systems being implemented currently, who is to say that we don't have people winning these tournaments or knocking other deserving players out of them by abusing things such as a map hack?

Then we have even LARGER online tournaments, WCG qualifiers, IEM qualifiers, NASL, IPL, Tlopens, Gosucups, even complexitys own tactic 3d tourny.

These tournaments all to, are hosted online, they have a much tougher competition and a much larger prize pool, with not much risk it seems to the would be hacker and a ton more reward.

"But Ryze no one would hack in those high level tournys!"....... you think so?


all old news posts, but relevant to my rant. Youll find players among those lists of caught hackers such as Haypro, TT1 and Spades, all who play this game currently and are competitive.

they were top foreigners in brood war, and hacked in top tournaments. Who's to say that someone wouldn't hack in the IPL or NASL even if just to secure a top seed to get sent to the LAN finals or a share of some of the prize pool, the competition is tight and some people would use any method possible to win...

Not to say that any of those players hack now but they did hack back then, even though in the eyes of the community they were trusted, and top players. I am not familiar with the war3 scene but I am sure they have their own share of ex hackers who now play sc2 competitively.

so before I rant too much more I'd just like to say that I hope the community takes notice of this issue and we will see some anti-hack software be developed in the near future. What do you think?

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  1. mavsfan0041's Avatar
    I was scared to ladder yesterday, even though I'm in plat. Reading the TL thread scared me out of it. The problem is blizzard declares themselves solely responsible for the ladder but fails to provide adequate protection for it the way iccup did. Hopefully someone will come out with a new ladder that will be better protected than the blizzard one. Or blizzard fixes their problems. :/ anyways look on TL for "Not the Blizzard Ladder" that's our latest and greatest hope.
  2. Scriptix's Avatar
    This is horrible for the community that's for sure. Instead of laddering, I think custom games should become more popular.
  3. strength's Avatar
    Its always going to happen but i dont see blizzard doing anything soon. They believe in their antihack system too much. Their too stubborn imo to make their antihack stronger.
  4. Brien's Avatar
    you cant complain about cheating until you try to scrim in cs 1.6, 90%+ use hacks and about another 5 or more % have them ready to be turned on to hack back at people they think are hacking b/c that will fix the problem in their mind..