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Really excited for this MLG, just got back from IPL with Minigun TriMaster and Bravo who found his new talent as a pretty decent manager. it was a lot of fun but I lost a ton of moneys gambling i don't think anyone can stop me but I blame KiWiKaKi and Socke for never stopping and continuing to feed my hunger to waste $ . The Event was fantastic IPL was amazing, the stage was glorious the games were great, unfortunately I met TheStC in the round of 32 championship and I couldn't advance, Mini ended up falling 1-2 to SlayerSSleep another really good korean zerg. Looking forward to MLG, and I am headed there in just about an hour to pick up my goot friend Droobie from the Orlando Airport, he arrives from korea at 10:30 tonight.

Looking forward with hanging out with him and TriMaster and Minigun and Rsvp and Bravo and our Halo Team and Leah Jackson and Ask Joshy and Destiny and KiWiKaki and SLush and Sheth and Stephano and Erik Timberlake and FragRaptor and all of my fellow progamer friends, but most importantly I am hoping to play my best and run goot, so wish us all luck, c u !

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  1. DrewFanboy's Avatar
    <3 Catz Gl AND HF
  2. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Thanks for the mention bro.
  3. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    csb x 2
  4. furryturtle's Avatar
    I thought Minigun isn't attending?