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introduction about myself

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Hello my name is Tony Talavera(22 years old) and I live in the bay area of california for nearly all my life.I feel very blessed right now I have the rank 1 team and the best teammates i could ever hope for,a family who would kill for me(literally),some of the coolest and down ass people iv ever met as close friends, and the most beautiful,kind,caring girl in the world as my girlfriend and i love each and every one of them very much.

for me it all started on battle.net in version 6.36b where i began playing and found MEXICO_RIFA,OMNI.GOD,FLUFFNSTUFF , and THE ORLY FACTOR, we scrimmed often and made our home DXD. we made quite a name for ourselves flaming and game ruining becoming infamous on us west in the process. we did this for years and later on things happened and many quit but me and fluff remained.

We tryed our hand on Garena and started trying to build skill and make a team there. Shortly after we met jeyo and the the most influential player to come into our lives FINALWORLD. we trained often and had small success but again real life dessimated our team taking finalworld away and leaving us without our leader.

after this me and fluff dabbled in hon and WoW and LoL patiently awaiting dota2 where we had alot of hope. beta started we met tc, remet up with jeyo and ixmike and practiced hard for a bit then bam everything u see now happened it a matter of 2 months or so and still feels so strange for us to be in this place after not being able to even win a secs for years and suddenly shoot too rank 1.

shoutout to omni.god, mexico_rifa ,fluffnstuff grandma mary ,grandma hazel, uncle tommy, my boys on first street, and cici <3 i love you guys so much ..... SMN POR VIDA WE COME OUT CHASED BY HOUNDS

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  1. brinker's Avatar
    dota2 team seems like alot of good people. when you win 1.6million you gotta give me about tree fiddy
  2. 1's Avatar
  3. confire's Avatar
    Where in the Bay? Born and raised in Fremont here

    Oh and welcome!
  4. HANNAHMONTAN's Avatar
    i lived in brentwood ,oakley, antioch and right now im in pittsburg
  5. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    i live in brentwood............. new hampshire. close right?

    welcome to team man, looking forward to seeing your continued run
  6. HANNAHMONTAN's Avatar
    kinda close
  7. confire's Avatar
    Ohh awesome, and my friend Zobi says HI :P
  8. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    my necrolyte carries you <3beth<3