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A brief introduction about me

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Hello, I am Mike Ghannam of the compLexity Dota 2 team. I am 20 years old and I live in Livonia, Michigan.

I don't have some great story about my introduction to DotA, I have been playing on and off for ~6 years, mostly pubbing for a long time until I found out about (and was qualified to play in) inhouse leagues; I have played in just about every competitive inhouse league since UCross' IHL in 2006.

I have played with a large variety of teams over the years, and what I can take away from all of those experiences is that the things that stop teams from succeeding are egos, complacency, and (lack of) dedication or motivation. When there are egos it makes it really hard for players to co-exist with each other, nobody is willing to take blame for a mistake and all criticisms (or flames) are often done privately and lead to nothing constructive; complacency can occur when people are content with their current status; when in reality you will get left behind very quickly if you stop caring, even for a moment, I often relate this to being overconfident or ego-related issues; lack of dedication or motivation can come from a lot of things, some people simply can't justify the opportunity-cost of time that it takes to learn DotA, others simply claim to want to be the best but do not want to put any work into it (i.e mass queuing public games instead of reflecting on games, justifying mistakes by blaming allies, choosing to pub instead of prepare for tournaments, et. c). Like just about every other competitive game, it's not something that you can be exceptional at just by mindlessly chain queuing, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

As for my team, I can happily state that we do not suffer from most of these problems. We have a solid structure of how we go about issues and there are no egos that impede improvement. We are all also friends, something that I think often gets overlooked; it's very hard to play with a group of people that you are not comfortable being around, communication is usually more difficult because often times criticism from a stranger is much less welcome than criticism from a friend.


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    mikes too good
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