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The Round Table

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I was recently on a State of the Game-esque podcast for Dota 2, sponsored by Razer/It's Gosu named The Round Table. The podcast features one player from two hand-picked teams along with the It's Gosu staff of RuMCaKe, Mandurang, and Draskyl. Everyone talks about and discusses a series of topics regarding Dota 2 and following the podcast is a best-of-3 showmatch between the two picked teams. For this edition, the chosen representatives were myself and It's Gosu's PAINTITGOLD.

I remember the Dotalicious Gaming podcast and I thought they were really nice and looked forward to them but they were continuously postponed and eventually stopped I suppose. State of the Game is really fun to watch and get involved in and I hoped something like that could (eventually) exist for Dota 2.

I thought the podcast was pretty good, though the questions were generic and it ended up being shorter than expected because of viewer complaints or so. I think everyone spent too much time giving responses for each question, combined with starting late delayed the eventual showmatch following it.

I can't say too many bad things about it, since it was the first one that they had ever casted, but my criticisms would be to find more scene-related questions (tournament results, drama, roster changes, etc), and have a bit more publicity behind it. A lot of the viewers on the stream were simply expecting a showmatch and had no idea what the podcast was or what it was about (and somewhat expectedly, bored). Another complaint I had was the time restraint, like I said, I wasn't sure why it was shortened from the scheduled time but we had started late and the viewers were antsy for the showmatches, but it was very hard to fuel an actual debate or discussion with such a short time frame and a relatively large amount of questions (which was also shortened in the middle of the cast). I believe the podcast lasted for about an hour, compared to a State of the Game which runs for about 1:45-2:00 hours to my knowledge.

Overall, I thought it was good for the very first cast, I expect it to be more prepared and much smoother and more properly advertised on the next time around. Not to mention, followed by a bo3 with good shoutcasters.

Podcast VOD:

Showmatch VODs:

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    Good stuff