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Streaming thoughts

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Firstly, I have no idea what it would take to stream or how to do it properly. I've messed around with a stream in the past, but I found that my internet was staggering and that It took up too much bandwidth.

I've upgraded my internet significantly since then. I screwed around with some xsplit settings before and found a decent setup. I'm not really sure it's optimal. Before, I was receiving a lot of white noise from my headset and it was really annoying. I had to lower the volume and I could barely hear myself.

I tried a couple play-tests and it was dropping my frame rate to a point where it became bothersome. Once I install our new video card everything should be great. All I need is the overlays and some tweaked settings.

One thing that has always bothered me about streaming is the viewers trolling, their reception to the streamer and the content. I've always been kind of reserved, but I'll try to harden my skin against trolls and flamers. I also wonder if I'd be boring. Then again, I've seen many boring streamers increase in popularity. I heard that all you need is to be friendly and have an attitude that people can respect.

All-in-all, I think that I will strive to be a good streamer. I'll focus on answering my viewers' questions and explaining my thought processes in-game.

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  1. Yeager183's Avatar
    I recall that processor power trumps video card for the most part when it comes to streaming. I suppose that's all from reading about SC2 streaming, but I'd assume its very much similar for DotA. (My setup is fantastic for both, but I can't stream CS 1.6 properly at all, so idk lol.)
  2. Redav's Avatar
    Sounds good! I will also be streaming if i ever get good internet. The most important thing to remember is viewer interaction imo.
  3. 1's Avatar
    Really looking forward to coL.DotA streaming!