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Holy.. I played NaDa..

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The man. The legend. The Genius Terran. The Tornado Terran. Lee Yoon Yeol himself.

Last night was the show match between coL.NaDa and the Academy. I've been watching NaDa dominate BW since 2001. I would log into bnet and watch replays of NaDa for hours... Even if I already watched a replay, I'd watch it again; That's how mesmerizing his gameplay was. Every single action was for a purpose; every unit used to its fullest potential. When Twixz posted in the Academy chat "Who wants to play a showmatch vs NaDa next week?" I pounced on the opportunity. Did I have a shot to win? Absolutely not... I'd lose to NaDa 99 times out of 100, with the 1 being a disconnect or NaDa going afk to take a shit mid game. Even then, I'd probably be at a considerable disadvantage.

I won't lie... Before the match I was a nervous wreck. I was a mess, I couldn't even eat before the match. I postponed a date with my girlfriend to play NaDa.. This was once in a lifetime, literally. I had a shot to play my hero, and he couldn't say no. Hell, he wanted to play me. He had a shot to win $200. Easy payday for him.

The game started off like any other... He even said GLHF like I was on his level.. Like I deserved it.
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I scouted his base, and was extremely delighted to see that he was opening a standard CC with no gas and only 1rax.. He was playing me straight up, I figured if I had ANY shot in the world it would be vs a standard opening. The game went along pretty normally... he opened 3rax double gas vs my fast nexus 3gate... I didn't dare pressure NaDa early.. I wanted to get a full game and see him do his thing. As things progressed, he went 3rax MMM into a quick 10 minute stim timing... I had opened 4gate robo into colo... I knew at this point my build countered his and if he pushed, I should win the engagement.. my nerves started taking over. I realized if he pushed and I stomped the push, I'd be in GREAT position to play well... maybe even win. He went for a quick drop into my main... I kind of expected this partly, so i split my army in half and put stalkers in the main.. I STOPPED HIS FIRST ATTEMPT AT KILLING ME WITH EASE.
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He then tried to push into my natural, only to meet a bunch of sentries and a colo along with a few stalkers.. He backed off.. he was fearful of pushing into my army, my heart was throbbing. Here's where my game changed forever. I took my 3rd and didn't expect what was coming next. He doomed dropped 4 medivacs into my main. I had already removed my stalker task force that was tasked with keeping drops out; I simply didn't expect him to fly right over my 3rd and go into my main. The damage was great... I lost way too much.. There was no recovery at this point.


I eventually stopped the drop and salvaged my nexus, which was a plus. He didn't kill much tech, only a forge and I lost some units.. but the real damage was done. He had his 3rd coming and I had lost 20+ probes. I quickly scrambled to get storm out and as many temps as possible.. I figured I had to live long enough to get a really good engagement, and hope that the impossible happened: He'd make a huge mistake. He macro'd up and went for the killing blow. I had stabilized, and had about 10 templars ready for him. That's when HE took over, SO MANY EMP's and SNIPES it was ridiculous. I stood no chance. I would like to thank ST Parting for teaching me the storm walk, my proudest moment of the game was landing a storm on basically his entire army.
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The game basically ended after he pushed into my 3rd and sniped literally EVERYTHING. I stood no chance with only a couple colo and no storm vs his entire MMM ball. He rolled my army and I tapped out. I can only wonder what may've been if I hadn't lost so much to the doom drop. But, I got to fucking play NaDa.. My hero, the Legend himself.. The Tornado Terran.

I would LOVE to thank compLexity and all the sponsors for putting this show match on and giving the little guy a chance to play against his hero. And I'd love to thank NaDa for being so good mannered and such a great guy for playing against us. By no means did he HAVE to do this, but I'm sure he has to feel goodThis may've never happened if the opportunity didn't present itself. And Twixz for picking me as one of the Academy members to play NaDa.

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    Really glad you enjoyed it!
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    The pics would be fixed but... It's not letting me delete the attachments currently in the post.
  3. EroSennin's Avatar
    Cute <3
  4. Twixz's Avatar
    Was fun watching Fallen, im surprised how good jake got!