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When Part Time - Don't Practice Like a Pro

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As someone whose only experience playing Starcraft competitively as been part time with either school or a full time job on the side - I've found that one of my biggest problems was trying to practice like a full time player in a part time setting.

Let's say I have four hours of free time available and havn't played at all that day. A pro player would be playing at least four hours most days - so there is the temptation to play for all four and then proceed immediately to the next activity (hw/work/sleep/etc). This is trying to practice like a pro in part time. This approach doesn't work as there are certain things that full time players do around their practice blocks to increase their efficiency. Rest, recovery, and reflection are the main ones.

To find a better approach - first we must accept our current position. Once I accepted that I was a student also trying to play I used my time in a way that made sense for my schedule - pros be damned.

That four hour block could probably be better spent with the first half hour or so spent going over all the tasks I have to do in the near future. I plan out what I need to do and when I generally have time to do it. This helps reduce my stress level and allows me to focus on practice better. The next two hours or so could be spent practicing. Then I'd take a 30ish minute break or so to do some replay analysis and think about how my practice is going. The last hour would probably be games up until the 45 minute mark or so with the last 15 minutes again being spent reflecting and also resting a bit before my next task.

Instead of trying to follow a full time player's schedule - it is important as a part time player to take a pro schedule and condense it so that everything important fits within the time allotted. While condensed the schedule is going to be a weaker version of what an ideal schedule would be - but it won't be a bad practice schedule like if you were trying to just follow a full time practice regiment exactly.

Figure out exactly what resources are available and make the best use of those - instead of trying to use that which is outside your grasp.


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