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April 2012, awakeN Update

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Hey again everyone, I hope you all are doing quite well as the weather begins to heat up and tournaments are non-stop. I figured I'd make this blog a monthly thing more or less just for the hell of it as I doubt too many people are terribly interested. XD

Well to start off, I will simply say that the job market here in Knoxville, TN is an absolute joke at the moment. I'm currently spending 20-30 hours job searching, filling out applications, and so on a week as I decided that my situation with AT&T was a joke (50% of what I made went to various state fees, gas, etc -- $3-4/hour doesn't go far) and got out. It also turns out that Best Buy has me barred from working there again (interesting enough). Oh well I guess, still working 15ish hours a week with Crossmark allows me to scrape by fine enough XD. I'm also officially going to be attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in August, majoring in Finance with a collateral in Information Management (not sure how viable that kind of degree would be in eSports however).

I've officially joined the UTK CSL team, not like that was a huge deal as I was already practicing and competing with the guys in various tournaments before-hand. We had a Frag For A Cure event on campus last weekend where I was taken out by two Masters players considering I'm still a platinum baddie, but it was still a fantastic event. Slowwwly pushing my way into Diamond as I still spend too much time watching streams and tournaments but I feel like I'm improving on my issues faster than I was a couple months ago. Still need a lot of work with my transition into late game vs Protoss more than anything else.

In regards to events, it doesn't look like I will be able to attend Anaheim unless I can net an awesome job out of the blue. I still 100% plan on going to Raleigh however as long as it is indeed the location for the Summer Championship.

Looks like I'm gonna shift my attention to my SASTL match now. Hope everyone has a lovely day, week, month, etc. Hit me up if anyone around Plat would be interested in practice games or whatever, my Bnet is [email protected] and character code is awakeN.147 =D

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Sheesh, what you do to Best Buy lol
  2. Yeager183's Avatar
    I wish I knew what exactly warranted the blacklisting. They terminated me after working there for four years because my school schedule didn't work with "new availability requirements" which were irrelevant anyway since I was part of truck crew and was available on all nights that trucks came in. Best Buy for you I guess. =/