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Group A - Dreamhack Winter 2012 - Thoughts by coL.Franzzii

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Gary Johnson 2012

GJ2012 is a solid team. They have their roles figured out and an excellent work ethic. By constantly scrimmaging and learning from their mistakes they have improved drastically. The teamís members have tons of experience and have been around HoN forever as well. They seem to understand some of the most important things about the metagame at least in my opinion and our games against them will no doubt be very competitive. Iíd like to practice more against these guys, hopefully it happens this week. The last time we scrimmed it was pretty one-sided (I believe they ccíd around 15 minutes) but as Iíve said they have improved a lot.

Orange eSports Malaysia

When I saw this team in our group I was a little upset. I donít think there is a team I despise playing against more than Orange eSports. Iím not saying that Iím afraid of them but the way the play the game is so different than most of the international scene plays theirs. Iím almost positive the way they play is bad but it can still throw teams who arenít experienced versus it some curveballs. Hopefully our games go smoothly and we donít have any unexpected hiccups.

Cats Gaming

I donít know much about this team but Iíve been told the Russian teams arenít anything to worry about. I remember seeing the last qualifier for the CIS Dreamhack spot and I believe the team that won using a Hammerstorm/Jereziah/Nymphora trilane. Whatever it was it was bad and if they try to run anything like that at Dreamhack I expect them to get stomped out quick.

Pain Gaming

Finally the Latin American team, this is the team with YoyoBallz and Pride`. They have always been decent players offering a lot to the top tier inhouse scene back in the day. However I think their metagame and strategy lacks. I think they will use many cheesy strategies in order to achieve some sort of early game edge. Shoutout to DWi losing to Brazilís level 1 Kongor ^_^.

Anyways thatís it for now, thanks for reading!


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