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I don't really know what to call this.

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Recently, my life has become complete hell. I've had to bury four of my friends, someone I've been trying to get into a relationship with... well it did not work, and my school refuses to give me my transcript so that I can pursue further academics.

Ok, lets break it down. Two of the friends that I mentioned were shot in the back of the head and burned in the car they drove to someone's house. They were burned beyond recognition, the coroners spend a week identifying the bodies. A third friend was trying to drive back from her boyfriends house in a big thunderstorm (after the two got in an argument) and she hydroplaned into a tree and so ends another life. The fourth is still a mystery to me. Nobody will let me know what happened to him. He lived in Oxford (5 hours away) and I had no real contact with him. To end this paragraph, I'll say my condolences. RIP Xavier Monroe, Preston Smith, Julia Rose Tkach, and Justin Toney. May their souls rest in heaven. Julia's death hit everyone as a surprise, and shocking event. She was the type that would put a smile on everyone's face, no matter what. She'd try anything at least once just to live life to the fullest, but now she's gone. She was a senior, and died a week and a half before we walked to get diplomas. That day, her best friend and the super-intendent walked the diploma to where her parents were sitting and handed it to them. Literally everybody, including me, teared up or cried. Anyway, I said I'd end it with an rip so rip to Julia.

On the side, with all this I've had my share of female problems :/ Someone I was close to, had a good feeling that it was gonna go places, progresses the relationship, so I'm like Hell yes here we go, but a week later she's dating my friend and I'm left going wtf. Later she explains that she only acted like she liked me to get to him, and didn't want my feelings to get hurt. Make sense to you? doubt it. but yea, that all happened DURING the aforementioned stuff. Speaking of, I was also pretty much ignored by four really close friends after the first two. Way to help out jackasses. I've only heard from one of them sense, but that was just to call me a douche for being down so bad. O_O seriously.

Anyway, off to the other problem. I applied to a local college, all I have to do is send in a transcript, which I get from the high school. Easy enough right? right? nope. Always strings attached. The counselors apparently own my transcript, and I must pay them money for them to print it. I have to catch them when they're at the school. And guess what, THEYRE ALL TAKING VACATIONS. So I can't get into college until the counsellors stop being so obnoxiously fat. :/ That's just like a cherry on top of the worst ice cream i've ever eaten.

The friends that died left me in kind of a trance, until recently when I finally realized, or it finally hit me that they're gone, and are never coming back. I literally havent slept in two days. LITERALLY. And I'm still up. I just can't sleep because every time I close my eyes, one of them is there. This is getting lengthy and emo-ish, so I guess I'll be closing it up. Au revoir, until next time guys. Peace out

- Psych

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  1. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    I have had some friends die on me in the past some just as worse as yours, and I am sure that friends are close no matter what. The only thing I have to say is, you know that they are in a better place. Its hard to admit it and its hard to just brush it off. I know it just takes time bro. I used to have dreams where they where still alive and I would wake up to call them, and well you know the rest. Its a very hard process, I know where ur at. But you just have to keep going bro. I have been used before by a girl to get to my best friend as well, it sucks man. Its a bad feeling and takes a BAD person to do it as well, but now I know that girl that did that to me, we turned out to be good friends, and lets just say later on I got something from her..if you get what im saying. I hate to switch gears like that, but trust me WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. So all in all bud if u believe in god like I do bud ill pray for you. As far as grades and school, try not to worry yourself so much, things will work out I promise you. I used to have the worst luck, mine is still running very very thin. I hate to say it but you have to look at the good things in life. I have heard that 100 times myself, and say fuck that I know what im doing. But if someone didnt tell me 100 times to look at the good things in my life. I dont think I would be where I am today. Promise that it will all be good promise. Gl with everything bro my heart goes out to ya for real, even though this is just a gaming forum we all brothers and sisters.
  2. Loki's Avatar

    That is incredibly bad luck. What you need to do - is to move out to England and move in with me

    I don't know if you believe in God and I don't know if you believe in destiny, fate, luck, karma or w/e but if you believe in the people around you then you run the risk of one half betraying you and the other half being loyal as a dog. Putting trust in people can be rewarding or it can turn out against you.

    To put up with all you've put with so far is an amazing trait and I admire you.

    If you ever need to talk for any reason, just PM me and I'll send over my email
  3. jose's Avatar
    I can't say that I know how you feel, cuz I don't. I did lose an uncle in a car accident, and a cousin to heart failure in the same year. But life has its ups and downs. Your friends that passed away would not want to see you like this. I know it's hard but you will get through this and it will make you a better person in the end. And I agree with Loki, it's amazing that you have put up with all this. Keep your head up.
  4. 1's Avatar
    It's very tough man, and I feel for you. I had 3 friends die in 3 consecutive months in college. Tough times.

    There are no easy answers and nothing that can be said to make it any easier. Just know the test of time will heal the wounds (at least partially) and you'll come out wiser and stronger on the other end.
  5. Psych's Avatar
    I really appreciate the support from Complexity. On my beliefs, I'm a Christian, I believe most things that a Baptist does, but I also believe in Karma. It's kinda my way of explaining some things. Although, bad things happen to good people too often to just explain away everything. Peakz, I really appreciate what you said and I'll keep it in mind. Loki, I'll be sure to PM you if I ever need to, Thanks for the hospitality, If i could move to England, I would. Josegee, I hope you never have to experience what I have. I realize what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, I guess I'll be like an ox after this. Thanks to you and Loki for the undeserved admiration. 1, Time may heal something, but think like this - There's only 525,600 minutes in a year. How much time can I take healing? That's not a very long time when you think about it, and I guess I'm impatient. Again, thanks for the support, it shows why this community is always at the top.