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My first blog here at complexity and I just want to start of saying how much of a warm welcomed I received from not only the staff but the fans as well. I know I'm beating a dead horse here but thank you!

We've been pretty busy here at the house this past week. First I'll start with the bad... We suffered our first loss in ESEA. We played 00 on nuke losing 16-10. Not to take credit away from 00 because they played well but we weren't playing our A game and losing both pistol rounds didn't help. This loss was a wake up call and has helped us refocus on continuing working hard to improve. I've always said you learn more by losing than winning.

Now on to the good... This past Saturday was a day I'll never forgot. I went skydiving for the first time! It was unfreakingbelievable. Below is a link of Drew asking me some questions about it.


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  1. Irukandji's Avatar
    nice spoooootttttttttttttt
  2. Goo's Avatar
    applesauce baby!
  3. Bossi's Avatar
    Hello and thanks that you also decided to start blogging here. Glad that everything (including the parachute ) worked as planned and that you enjoyed your first skydive trip. Can't wait to see the video about it!

    Good work on the wins tonight. There was unfortunately no HLTV but following the scorebot was fun, although JaX and i had almost heart attacks in staff channel on the Area51 match.
  4. tonynot's Avatar
    Good blog.. Pretty sick dance moves!
  5. jose's Avatar
  6. vinu3l's Avatar
    nice more videos! of the trip.
  7. savi0r's Avatar
    your wearing the same shirt in the video and in the profile picture
  8. NineSpot's Avatar
    you said it was your favorite
  9. Username's Avatar
    hah thats an insane pic. i bet it was crazy. im too chicken to try skydiving but i still might try it out soon.
  10. onesix's Avatar
    Great blog!