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Mud Tug & Halfway There

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Well we just finished up week 5 of the quarter, and that means we only have 5 more weeks to go until final exams. It has been hectic with tons of math tests/quizzes every week along with a huge Computer Science project. We had part 1 of 4 due this past week and it was death. 2 of my roommates also are majoring in Computer Science so we all had the same project to do.

I wrote in my last blog about a girl I was talking with and very interested in. I was talking with Scott aka Popcorn about it a few days ago about it and he felt it was necessary for me to blog that the girl is now my girlfriend. It has been going well so far and I'm really happy after what happened with my last girlfriend.

A cool event that RIT held a few weeks ago was an event called Mud Tug. One of the Fraternities on campus hosts the event every year as a fund raiser for a certain organization that changes every year. This year they raised a record of over $7,000 for the cause. The event is a tug-o-war event where you sign up a team of 8 people and basically do tug-o-war in a tournament style. Its a huge social event with free food once you pay the entry to get in. The tug-o-war takes place over a huge mud pit where the losers get dragged into the mud. I'll include some pictures below of the event but it's good dirty fun .

I've been keeping an eye on the coL site and there has been a lot of good things going on for coL and the community. I'm really happy to see the great contests and results as of late from the players. Keep up the great work guys and good work from the staff/management

I'll check in again sometime next week again. This week will be very hectic once again with a lot of work to be done. Take care everyone!

- Nick

My buddy Tim hoppin into the pit:

3 of us penguin sliding into the pit (click here for video):

My buddy Mike and I:

Joy and I at Mud Tug:

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  1. Popcorn1's Avatar
    You forgot to add the KEY picture. Looks like it was a fun day. Bet your team lost though.
  2. JetBlk's Avatar
    Scott, I didn't register a team this year cause everyone wasn't there that weekend. Next year tho! We just went for the social aspect of the event.... and to throw people in the mud
  3. 1's Avatar
    Mannnn.... college is the best.. looks like fun
  4. COLEY's Avatar
    1v1 Mudpit challenge....I = winnar. =)
  5. JetBlk's Avatar
    Bring it on Ryan ! And yeah Jason it was lots of fun
  6. JetBlk's Avatar
    Oh and btw make sure you guys check out the video of the penguin slide that i linked above the picture ;D
  7. coL|aMies's Avatar
    You forgot the part where all the clothes came off...right?

    It was sometime after the foam.
  8. Spikey00's Avatar
    rofl, best of luck with your finals. I am sure you will totally pass after that very interesting group event--after of which you can do whatever you want (right)!
  9. JetBlk's Avatar
    Haha thanks spikey. The finals shouldnt be too bad