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Aye Yo

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Hey guys and maybe Gal, hope everyone has been doing well since the last time I decided not to be lazy. As for me, I’ve been hanging in there for the most part. It’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride ranging from placing horribly at WCG to winning ESEA Invite. I’m glad we’re coming off a win at ESEA though before we attend Dreamhack. Needless to say I’m really keyed up to go to Sweden in a week. It’s been nothing but frustrating sitting back and reading all the nonsense people would post about us not attending tournaments. We finally have the opportunity to prove ourselves on a bigger scale and I’ve never been more confident in my teammates before. The scary part is I feel like we have a lot of room to improve. Zzzzzz I know right, enough about CS….

I had the chance to catch up with my good friend Nick Fitz over this past weekend. We headed to a bar in Maryland to have a couple drinks and shoot the shit. We ended up talking more so about how bad Nick is in fantasy football even though we have most of the same players :x While we were there I was offered some free tickets to the Redskins game this past Sunday. Now as some of you may know being a Skins fan this year has been nothing short of rough. Normally I would be quick draw McGraw to say yes but this time I wondered was it really worth it to go to the game, freeze, and watch them lose. When I found out it was forecasted to be 75 degrees… in the middle of November… I couldn’t say no. I don’t even care if it were tickets to see the little giants play, I’m gonna go bask in the sun. Now I must be some kind of lucky charm or something because much to my surprise the Skins actually played a really good game and beat the Broncos (who are a bit overrated but still a decent team). Maybe I should go to the remaining games so we make it to the playoffs….. nahhhhhhhh who am I kidding.


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  1. I'mheretohelp's Avatar
    Best of luck in Sweden!
  2. JaX's Avatar
    How did you get free tickets? That's awesome. Did Nick Fitz use his devilish charm to woo some lucky lady?
  3. 1's Avatar
    Can't wait for Sweden. Been way too long since the coL logo jumped the pond.
  4. Bossi's Avatar
    Best of luck in Sweden. It will be interesting to see how you guy do against the european top teams.
  5. kB0oM's Avatar
    Nice read man!
    Keep it up and hope you guys do good in Sweden!
  6. .NodmaC's Avatar
    Gl in Sweden
  7. tonynot's Avatar
    good luck in Sweeden
  8. Loki's Avatar
    Pick me up on the way to Sveedan