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Spiders in Cali!

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Ok, I'm not a queezy person. Also, I tend to like spiders. However, this summer in California (at least where I live) has been a serious overdose. Every morning the backyard is littered with spider webs and some of the 8 legged freaks are pretty damn big.

I was letting it go but on Sunday we found a black widow in the kids' toy kitchen:

Attachment 261

Then, as if that wasn't enough, the VERY NEXT DAY my wife left the back door open for one minute so the dog would come inside. Check out the little fella was walked right in!!

Attachment 262

Attachment 263

Like I said, I'm not a queezy person but having a huge black tarantula walking around INSIDE the house was a bit much. My wife nearly passed out and I had to catch it before it disappeared... fun, fun.

Time to call the exterminators to nuke the back yard!

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  1. Quartz's Avatar

    I don't care if they're huge, or if they're invisible to the naked eye. I fucking hate them all. All of them.

    I got over my fear somewhat of lobsters, since I fucking work with them every Summer at work.. but I cannot and I will not get used to spiders. Ever. They can all get nuked for all I care.
  2. gideon's Avatar
    oh dear, i also really hate spiders and those pictures already gave me the creeps. luckily for me there aren't any really big or dangerous ones here in scandinavia
  3. MrCool's Avatar
    I don't mind spiders but once they come in my house the gloves come off and its war.
  4. Spyda's Avatar
    =( I hate all of you too!
  5. Loki's Avatar
    My skin is crawling :x

    Hope everything gets sorted and everyone is okay, black widows are a serious threat
  6. d_ONG7's Avatar
    omg.. i hate spiders so much, how the hell did you manage to catch that thing? damn.
  7. 1's Avatar
    haha, I put it in a cooler and drove it down the road to drop it off in an area without people.
  8. Wizard's Avatar
    I reallllyyy hate spiders. Borderline arachnophobic. I agree about nuking them, nuke them hard.
  9. sostrE's Avatar
    i say you sell your place quickly .. they gonnnnnnnnnnaaaa KILLL YOU .. LOL .. but seriously i would look into moving after seeing that
  10. DeFy18's Avatar
    i dont mind them as long as they dont mess with me especially in my house so if they get in its sandal whacking time
  11. Rainman's Avatar
    i love spiders.. unless they're close to me and I don't know it
  12. Mopar's Avatar
    yeah thell bite too if u got young kids be careful. you need a cat it will fix that problem.

    cats dont like bugs and will swipe them up. plus they are healthy for them
  13. jdudezzz's Avatar
    can't stand spiders haha
  14. Hydrolis's Avatar
  15. pyyyour's Avatar
    as much as you hate spiders they are important to any habitat, jus sayin
  16. Quartz's Avatar
    Fuck habitat

    I remember twice during one Summer chilling in the basement late at night, first, I was watching 24 with the lights off and a motherfucker the size of a quarter fell from the ceiling onto the desk on the right side of my keyboard. I saw it when the scene went bright and I was like, WHOA WHAT THE FUCK!

    Then the second time, in a different part of the basement, chiling on the CPU cause I moved it, another one motherfucking fell onto the desk. Like, FUCK YOU FALLING SPIDERS!!! AHHHHHHHHHH :\
  17. 1's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree. Habitat is all good, but a big tarantula can't call the inside of my house his crib!
  18. sostrE's Avatar
    hahahaha damn spiders like other people on this thread said ... NUKE EM'!!!
  19. 1's Avatar
    Damnit, found another (huge) Black Widow tonight.. I'm nuking the place tomorrow.
  20. Gremke's Avatar
    Sheeeesh. Thats quite large.
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