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QuakeCon will be my last professional event.

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I'm a dinosaur. A professional gaming dinosaur. Back in the spring of 2000 I got hooked on the UT99 demo and in September, I went to an event in Arizona, which lead me to an event in New York, which lead me to Korea, where I won my first event. The rest is a blur of hundreds of gaming events across UT99, CS, PK, Q4, Q3, and QuakeLive, and that doesn't even count the events I went to as a CGS manager and the shows I got a chance to go to as an emcee or a guest. And boy has it been a fun ride.

However, I'm getting older, much older. I'd say 10 years is a pretty good run. My accolades are basically average. Usually a top 5-12 finisher in every game I've played. I can consistently say I was one of the top 5-16 players in the world, at any game I played, at any time. I think that is something to hold your head up high about considering the tens of thousands of people I've competed against. But now I have a career, which I've been persuing since CGS died, and there are lots of great opportunities for me to expand myself.

Over the last year I've been hesitant to do exactly that, hoping and waiting for something else to come up in gaming. But apparently a pioneer in product endorsements, brand development, and professional gaming with 10 years of experience, isn't qualified enough, or can't find a job in the eSport industry. I'm not waving the white flag by any means, but I am a realist and it's time to "grow up" as your average non-gaming adult would say. My resume will always be available to legit eSport industry job offers, so I'm hoping to be around, just behind the scenes rather than in the scene.

Does this mean I'm done with gaming in general? No. I will always be involved, some how, some way, but I will not be able to dedicate DAYS of playtime preparing for events anymore, I will no longer consider myself "pro." Any results, will be simply off natural raw skill rather than dedicated time.

I have made SO many friends over the last decade, I can't even begin to explain how emotional I get just thinking about it. So many memories. And for now, I'll hold those in until is actually time to say good bye.

So for now, I'm still "pro" and I'm still planning on kicking ass at QuakeCon, make no mistake. But it will be the end of an era.....

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  1. djWHEAT's Avatar
    dkt, I met you at that event in New York. It was all down hill from there. From one gamer to another who came from that era, you should definitely be very proud of your accomplishments! You'll always be an OG to me! And I know you will continue to be involved... because like many who come from our "era" it's been our passion and love for the game that's kept us coming back for more. Here's to a good tournament!!!
  2. Twixz's Avatar
    dkt to win quakecon heard it here first!!!

    you are someone to look up to for anyone getting involved in esports, wish you the best dude.
  3. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Sad to hear this, but you are quite old now =P
  4. jdubya`'s Avatar
    definitely. DKT to go out on top
  5. Jericho's Avatar
    Good Luck Man!
  6. derek14boorn's Avatar
    dang, an end to an era indeed. best of luck no matter what you pursue!
  7. 1's Avatar
    Helluva run buddy. Don't worry, getting old isn't ALL bad! I'm sure you'll find something in gaming you like nearly as much as playing.
  8. JaX's Avatar
    I'm hoping for a QuakeCon first place and another year kicking it around the world with you man. If not, you will always be a badass, but as you said, I aint saying goodbye yet!
  9. rebound's Avatar
    As if I needed any more motivation to get to this year's Quakecon. :P
    It honestly was really cool meeting you at CGS, and to know that you've got such a history, and that you've made quite the mark in the N.American and international gaming scene, is still mind-boggling to me. Go out on top, on your terms.
  10. evolution's Avatar
    Sad to see you go sir. You'll always be a legend in both communities. Best of luck to you!
  11. var1ables's Avatar
    First warden, now DKT...WHOSE NEXT
  12. thoMz's Avatar
    goodluck brian good things always come to end. like scott said you are a legend.
  13. mojo's Avatar
    No, Brian. I don't approve.

    Who will I play poker with at 5am in Turkey?

    Guess I'll have to go to Quakecon this year, then.
  14. JetBlk's Avatar
    It has been a good run Brian. Was a pleasure to work for you in the CGS and watch you all these years. Best of luck after QuakeCon, but for now..... kick ass and take names at QCon!
  15. DchozN's Avatar
    DKT, DKT II, DKT III Movies

    DKT Mousepad

    DKT Keyboard

    Quake, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike

    Guy-Who-Somehow-Drafted-The-Best-PGR3-Team-And-Won-$500,000.00 ()

    When there's an official, be-all eSports Hall of Fame then the DKT brand and name will be one of the first to be immortalized. At least you still have a great job, period, which isn't too bad of a thing to have these days .
  16. Portland's Avatar
    It was a pleasure watching you play then later working with you Brian. I hold your legacy in high regard, good luck!
  17. DeFy18's Avatar
    your not old bub, even sirscoots still is active, you should try something like he does if that you like that kind of thing. gl and i can only wish for career half of yours. Wiedersehen.
  18. craftzKY's Avatar
    l8r bro