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This feels so wrong....

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It's like rooting for the Cubs when I'm a Brewers fan.

Or the Vikings when I'm a Packers fan.

No No. Here it is... It's like rooting for the Jets if they played the Packers when I'm a life-long Packer fan but also a die-hard Favre fan.

Actually, I just can't seem to find the right analogy.

I'll be honest. I can't even begin to explain how odd it feels checking ComplexityGaming.com almost hourly, posting a blog on the website... and oh yeah, being a Complexity fan!!!

It should be no secret to anyone that I'm the once self proclaimed #1 Team 3D / New York 3D fan. My boyfriend, my brother and a handful of close friends played for 3D over the years. (Warning: Nerd alert incoming) Watching 3D in a big match gave me the same, if not more excitement than watching my beloved Packers on Monday Night Football.

Now I find myself a... Complexity fan? Oh the blasphemy! As a 3D fan, there was no better team in the world to dislike more than coL. (In a fun, rivalry sort of way... Admittedly, I would sometimes root for coL vs. international teams should 3D be out of the picture.)

Now here comes the crazy part... I'm starting to like it around here. I really like what coL has done with the site. I enjoy that I can come to the site not just for coL news, but for eSports news and a great community as well.

Well I guess liking coL now has something to do with the CS roster .

I think the team is really coming along. I've had the pleasure of watching Mr. Volcano practice on LAN for the past few weeks and I've seen a world of improvement. I'm really excited for what this team will be able to do in the future. I've witnessed them first hand defeating the best US teams in scrims... now hopefully they can just transfer that over to matches.

I thought I'd have some big exciting ending to this blog that would prompt discussion and a few lol's. But really, this is all I have.



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  1. JaX's Avatar
    Welcome! I really enjoy this community as well, I guess we both drank the coL juice!
  2. 1's Avatar
    Great to have you here! We welcome all 3D fans with open arms and hope you enjoy the new coL.

    I'm still encouraging Torbull to reopen 3D so you never know what will happen but I hope you stick around and root for both teams even if he does
  3. JetBlk's Avatar
    Welcome to the site! And the coL community we are doing everything we can to make this the best site for everyone to get their news, coverage and latest files of ALL gamers, not just our awesome coL guys enjoy
  4. sapphiRe's Avatar
    "I'm still encouraging Torbull to reopen 3D so you never know what will happen but I hope you stick around and root for both teams even if he does"

    While it would be great for the CS community to have 3D back and I hope to see the team return, I definitely plan on sticking around here . Keep in mind I am the true #1 Volcano fan..... hehe =).
  5. Ne0phyt3's Avatar
    Well you're welcome around here of course. I always looked at the coL-3d rivalry as funny and never hated/disliked anyone that was part of or fan of team 3D, and its a shame that the rivalry disappeared imo. I hope the 'new coL fans' will feel at home around here.
  6. citron's Avatar
    You do whatever you want! Your welcome wherever you want to be
  7. jdubya's Avatar
    Well you lost my respect when you said you were a brewers fan, then regained it by saying the packers, then lost it again by saying you were gonna root for the jets, then gained it again for saying your a favre fan....

    No wonder you beat up my wife my dream.....she's an eagles fan, packers/favre fans stick together =o)

    Welcome to the community, and I bet your gonna be the biggest "fanboy" yet. =
  8. eCurb's Avatar
    The former JMC Scorebot Queen.

    <3 Glad you're here with us Saph
  9. GoodRiot's Avatar
    coL is whole. =P
  10. gohper's Avatar
    Minnesota > Wisconsin

    and btw I felt really sketchy sticking around here when I was the biggest Warden fan for a while but honestly the more I watched complexity I think I get more of a cs energy watching JASON LAKE manage his team than any cs player... Nothing odd about it, changes happen
  11. -Ez's Avatar
    Great to have you around
  12. coL-s|soX's Avatar
    coL-Juice isn't so bad is it jax? =)
  13. coL-c|Kirsch's Avatar
    Mentioning the Packers = YAY (From Madison)
    Mentioning the Cubs = YAY (From Madison.. Dad is a Cubs fan)

    Yes. I am a Die-Hard Packers fan. Born and raised in Wisconsin. BUT, my Grandpa was a Cubs fan. Hence, my Dad was a Cubs fan. Hence, I am a Cubs fan.

    But I still like the Brewers, unless they are playing the Cubs.

    This post is meaningless, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

  14. Volcano's Avatar
    nice blog! seems to have brought in good discussion and lol's as well
  15. ciaiei's Avatar
    lol, I don't know why, but I just taught this was hilarious! =D
  16. jose's Avatar
    Yea you just scrimmed against me and my friends I didn't even noticed you till you held us down with your awp. I knew ako tho.
  17. StarLight's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree its weird to be rooting on the same team as Heather :P

  18. RiF's Avatar
    sports analogy's are only good if you do them as if you were john madden :P
  19. vnM's Avatar
    I know what you mean on many fronts. On an international level, yes I rooted for coL because if coL won, it gained respect for our national scene. But on a local level.. It was similar to 2007, rooting against the Patriots. It is especially weird since I would always be rooting for Erik whenever they played, whether with JMC or zEx, and he seemed to always be able to get that W vs them. So its weird to see him on the other side of the fence, and to root for the coL name. Even though I never had anything against the old team, I'm friends with Danny and hung out with the guys on a few occasions, but seeing Goliath fall has always interested me, whether in basketball, football, or counter-strike.

    I have to say though, its great seeing communities of all sorts being brought together by the creation of this lineup. It feels similar to the tsg/u5 merger that helped create the old coL.
  20. da bears's Avatar
    PACKERS FAN, BREWERS FAN?!?! I think I'm going to barf right now! but hey, Heather makes delicious cookies at lans mmmmmmm I can't wait for your next batches of cookies! I'm not kidding I WANT COOKIES MM MM!M!M!M M!M!