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  1. My new favorite defensive PvP build. :D

    As a lot of people know, I have previously had a lot of problems with the PvP match-up. I lost in the winners bracket round 3 at MLG Raleigh 2012 in PvP to Alt-StarCraft's FragBonk and since then I have been trying to work on PvP as much as possible.

    My old method of PvP was developed from a defensive style I had seen 4not's Eifer use on many occasions both in the CSL and in practice games. It was basically a form of a 3 gateway expand that was safe against 4 gate and put slight ...
    Tags: protoss, pvp, uncjer
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  2. My take on the basics of defensive PvT

    This is my first blog ever, so any criticism would be awesome. Thanks a bunch for reading.

    Defensive Protoss Play in PvT

    Defense is my favorite way to play StarCraft 2. Yes, I realize that many of the famous Korean Protoss players (such as recent GSL code S finalist MC) have made their fame through designing and mastering many intricate timing attacks and sometimes aggressive gimmicky or tricky builds, but I feel like Protoss can be efficiently played with a defensive ...
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  3. Begining to stream again

    After making my other blog about my playlist it made me think why not stream my new playlist. I use to stream a lot but gave up from lack of viewers and skill, but why not try it again.


    Come join me as I try and get more viewers.
    compLexity Academy
  4. Music and playing

    I've known about and seen GrooveShark for along time but never bothered with it. But today I finally taken the time to make an account and make my own playlist. So I would like to share it, if its not your taste don't rage on me please .

    Updated 07-10-2012 at 12:13 PM by Nocreativity

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  5. My Mlg experiences so far.

    My first MLG was MLG Raleigh 2011 and the 2nd lan that I have ever gone to. Although i didn't perform well due to inexperience i believe the trip was very positive and has helped me get more comfortable using different PCs and settings that I am not use to.

    The 2nd Mlg i attented was MLG providence in 2011. My friends were busy with school and work so I had to find another way to get to the event. Luckily I found 2 guys that were looking for more people to carpool with from Toronto ...
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