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  1. April 2012, awakeN Update

    Hey again everyone, I hope you all are doing quite well as the weather begins to heat up and tournaments are non-stop. I figured I'd make this blog a monthly thing more or less just for the hell of it as I doubt too many people are terribly interested. XD

    Well to start off, I will simply say that the job market here in Knoxville, TN is an absolute joke at the moment. I'm currently spending 20-30 hours job searching, filling out applications, and so on a week as I decided that my situation ...
  2. When Part Time - Don't Practice Like a Pro

    As someone whose only experience playing Starcraft competitively as been part time with either school or a full time job on the side - I've found that one of my biggest problems was trying to practice like a full time player in a part time setting.

    Let's say I have four hours of free time available and havn't played at all that day. A pro player would be playing at least four hours most days - so there is the temptation to play for all four and then proceed immediately to the next ...
  3. What Makes a Unit Interesting?

    We like control. We like being able to make a unit act in a very specific way to utilize its full potential. It's frustrating when units don't respond in the way we would like or work in a non consistent or non obvious way.

    Sometimes this control manifests in a unit's movement. Zerglings, mutalisks, terran bio, blink stalkers, and phoenixes are a good example of this. These units all move very quickly and allow for very precise control. While they are not always the strongest units ...
  4. TvP: The Late Game Dilemma

    Statistics have shown that terran tends to win this matchup more often when the game is short and protoss more often when the match goes longer. I'm going to examine why this might be true:

    First, a couple of facts.
    Bio/medivac will be cost efficient and more mobile than a gateway army when upgrades are even. Charge and blink together will increase the protoss's efficiency but will not completely level the field.
    Colossus and archons do better with more upgrades than bio ...
  5. Holy.. I played NaDa..

    The man. The legend. The Genius Terran. The Tornado Terran. Lee Yoon Yeol himself.

    Last night was the show match between coL.NaDa and the Academy. I've been watching NaDa dominate BW since 2001. I would log into bnet and watch replays of NaDa for hours... Even if I already watched a replay, I'd watch it again; That's how mesmerizing his gameplay was. Every single action was for a purpose; every unit used to its fullest potential. When Twixz posted in the Academy chat "Who wants ...

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