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  1. Patrick

    Whatup -

    This is Brad from the Team Fortress team

    Just decided to start my blog

    This blog is about my friend Patrick.

    Patrick lives in a Tower.

    The tower rests on a hill.

    And the hill is largest of all the hills

    Welcome Ryan Patrick Foley to our home.
  2. Team to be, a #fatkids nation

    Well for a long time I have stapled my counter-strike time with millions of teams/pugs/and especially alot of what could have been. After really thinking about how these things came about I started thinking about how I wanted to handle my current situation.

    Well I figure the best way to limit those problems, and let downs is to control the atmosphere and settings you allow your team to idle in. So I finally decided I would put what I knew about the game and the community to use. ...
  3. WoW helps to Stop Swine Flu Pandemic

    Run for your lives - SWINE FLU is here! That's the kind of headline the media has effectively been trumping over the last week or so. But behind the hysterical facade there are people actually trying to figure out how to counter the possible pandemic. And they're finding help from the unlikeliest of sources.

    If you haven't heard of swine flu by now then you're either very stupid or very out of the loop. Either way, you're probably one of the lucky ones. The threat of a pandemic
  4. Blog 12: Update & Shameless Plug

    From the last time I posted. coL was going to play Area 51 Gaming. Area51 forfeited the match and coL played Dynasty and beat them 16-11.

    Since WCG, for whatever reason doesn't allow coverage. We know little to anything that went on during the matches.

    From the bracket it looks like coL made the final 4 from this group. The other 3 teams are, dread, ATP, and iDemise.

    I have no idea what this final 4 is. Do they all get to attend a LAN now? play other ...
  5. Things Are Looking Up - Blog Entry 07

    Since the death of my previous lan team, everything has looked dull for me. However, today more so than any other day, invitations have practically flown in. Above all others, I think the one that interests me the most is one with the actual administrator from Lethal Gamers. The players seem to know a lot more about the game than previous players I've played with.

    Most teams I've either created or played on, I've always had more of a leadership role because I was far more experienced ...