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  1. I'm excited

    My editing I was struggling with not wanting to put a lot of effort in because I couldn't get my quality right and everything just felt off. My friend comes over a couple days ago and installs Unreal Tournament 3 on my computer which tells me I have bad drivers. He finds new drivers and bam everything looks a crapload better. Made the kode5 movie seemed almost everyone here liked it and I got a +24 on gotfrag like the first time gotfrag has been positive to me. Expect to see some cool cotw's coming ...
  2. Long week

    After coming back from Kode5 let me tell you I had a BLAST! Spending a week in TX is fun, even though it was 50s all week and raining every day . Oh well thats not even the important part. The best part was seeing all my friends again. Boot camping was a blast, we got so much accomplished that I can't wait until the next boot camp. As for kode5 tourney, we still have a long ways to go, even though its a bit relieving that we are improving every time we play. We still made too ...
  3. Events attended with myMYM

    2006 ESWC 2006 (Paris, France)
    2006 WCG Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    2006 WCG 2006 (Monza, Italy)
    2006 CPL Nordic / Dreamhack Winter (Jonkoping, Sweden)
    2006 WSVG The Finals (New York, USA)
    2006 EPS Finals Season IX (Colonge, Germany)
    2007 SHG Open 2007 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    2007 Extreme Masters / SEC (Hannover, Germany)
    2007 EPS Finals X (Colonge, Germany)
    2007 Spixelania (Ume�, Sweden)
    2007 Dreamhack Summer (Jonkoping, ...
  4. A Rant on eSports Media

    As I sit here watching a commercial waiting for “The Italian Job” to start playing on this channel, I start to realize that the eSports media coverage sucks. I’m not trying to say that all eSports coverage sucks, but just in general it is pretty bad. From the closing to the CGS to now, we’ve seen or found out about a few new coverage sites and we’ve lost one or two coverage sites (well they’re still around, they just don’t cover as much and the quality of the article isn’t great).

  5. Zeppelin's Update : 2

    Good evening!

    Well, for Spring Break, I'm visiting my mother and grandmother in Pennsylvania. However, due to some stupid judgement, my dad would not allow us to bring along any video games. I'm here without my Xbox and PlayStation. My grandmother's computer doesn't have Steam, and neither does my father's laptop. So I'm also stuck without Source or Team Fortress 2.

    I've seen that there's a LAN center within the small town's vicinity, so I'll try and go over there and ...