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  1. The Cheating Epidemic

    I wrote an article for gotfrag back in 2005 called "The Hacking Epidemic". Since I started this blog I'm going to go ahead and post it here since I still think there are valid points that people can relate to. While some of it may be dated information I'm just trying to get all my posts in 1 place - Complexity Gaming the best new esports location online.

    Everyone who is anyone knows that the CS community has a serious issue with cheaters. The point that I am going to bring ...
  2. This feels so wrong....

    It's like rooting for the Cubs when I'm a Brewers fan.

    Or the Vikings when I'm a Packers fan.

    No No. Here it is... It's like rooting for the Jets if they played the Packers when I'm a life-long Packer fan but also a die-hard Favre fan.

    Actually, I just can't seem to find the right analogy.

    I'll be honest. I can't even begin to explain how odd it feels checking ComplexityGaming.com almost hourly, posting a blog on the website... and oh yeah, being ...
  3. A CS Addiction...

    I'm not too confident about this whole blog thing and I don't know if I can write anything interesting enough to read but I will try...so here goes.

    Just to give you all a little background information about myself I am currently 25, Married, with 3 children and I was a gamerholic.

    I've been around cs1.6 for 8 years now and when I started I was single and in high school. Gaming back then was a blast. Back when noone knew what cheats were and when Italy 24/7 was the ...
  4. Finals/random

    Well, after my first blog I enjoyed writing it, so I figured I'd write another and maybe continue to write them and use it as an outlet for things going on in my life. Like a public journal I suppose.

    So tomorrow starts Finals for the rest of the week, Good news is I get out at 12:30 bad news is, I have to take finals But its just 3 days and then I get out of a couple classes I hate with a passion. Tomorrow I have to take english which is just an in class essay over the movie ...
  5. Spiderman

    One of the great things about having kids is you get to relive your own childhood. My house is decked out with Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Batman, etc. (Of course I only play with them to spend time with my son.. *cough*)

    Anyway, Jordan is a HUGE Spiderman fan. Kid has Spidey shirts, pajamas, sunglasses, shoes, coat, bubble bath.. the works..

    Some nights when I put him to bed we watch YouTube cartoons on my iPhone instead of reading books. Tonight we found this one and ...