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  1. Good kpop or the best kpop?

    If you don't like kpop it's probably because there's something wrong with you.

    Here's a list of good kpop - separated mostly by my personal preference. Classics/favorites are at the top. Some recently discovered ones like Ticket are near the bottom because only time can tell if a song can withstand the test of time.

    Some songs are missing. I don't think I need to tell you that gangnam style is pretty ...

    Updated 10-12-2012 at 08:11 PM by coL.qxc

  2. First video blog from the Gamma Gamers Complexity Team House!

  3. Hi im chadjones

    You guys might not know me but I am the bestest protoss player on NA. Whats it like you might say? Well i'll tell you. Im a fucking boss. COLD STONE FUCKING BOSS. So anyways onwards to toss strategy. Most scrubs will tell you its just 1a and their wrong. well they're partly right if you go colossi, but if you go HT you need some STORMZZ just like how terran needs them STIMPACKS. But anyways when engaging terran you want to trade energy as efficiently as possible for units. I.E. forcefields capturing ...
  4. My new favorite defensive PvP build. :D

    As a lot of people know, I have previously had a lot of problems with the PvP match-up. I lost in the winners bracket round 3 at MLG Raleigh 2012 in PvP to Alt-StarCraft's FragBonk and since then I have been trying to work on PvP as much as possible.

    My old method of PvP was developed from a defensive style I had seen 4not's Eifer use on many occasions both in the CSL and in practice games. It was basically a form of a 3 gateway expand that was safe against 4 gate and put slight ...
    Tags: protoss, pvp, uncjer
    compLexity Academy
  5. Blame It On The Rain (Post TI2)

    Blame It On The Rain (Post TI2)

    *Note* I literally almost deleted 50% of this blog by accident. I nearly had a heart attack and I probably would've given up completely on this.

    [ *Disclaimer* (as always): I was inspired to write a massively ambitious blog post about my TI2 experience in great detail. However, I found myself (about 3-4 hours in) being overwhelmed by the amount of citation and specifics needed to convey my ideas. I also kind of procrastinated ...
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