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  1. Start of Something New

    Practicing and playing with a new team can be off and on, getting used to everybody on how they play and how they act, it's rough. Nothing new with our team, we had arguments, we trolled each other, but now that it's over and everybody fits in great. During practice time we used to yell at each other for a bad play instead of talking about what we could have done better and think of new strategies, now everybody is really chill and plays to each others speed, and its been working really well. ...
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  2. Why I Feel the Jim Barker Experiment is Coming To an End in Toronto

    So this was my second week submission article for the Sports Interaction blog contest.

    The link can be found here. The contest runs on most views accumulated over the four week period. Appreciate the reads, feedback and be sure to spread the word
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  3. What's on Rainmans Mind?

    It's a Saturday afternoon and I've been stuck inside my house all day with nothing to do but talk with some CS friends, browse some forums, and watch some videos. Anyways I'm just gonna throw you guys/gals some of the thoughts going on in my head today.

    -The Blog Competition-
    As much as I needed a new headset, since mine died recently and I don't feel like asking my parents to buy me a new one(they're totally fine financially.. I just don't like making them dish out money ...

    Updated 05-09-2009 at 03:15 PM by Rainman

  4. Blog 1: coL 1.6 Coverage, Information, What is this about?

    Hello there. This would be my first blog post here and probably ever on the internet. After reading the Bloggers Wanted! post on how there was a contest for blogging I thought it would be a good idea to do it and go in a different direction of blogging for gaming.

    About me
    Well my name is Billy Figueroa. I've played CS 1.6 competitively since 2004. Right now I am taking a break from CS to focus on school. I attend the Art Institute of NYC and majoring in web design & interactive ...
  5. Spikey00's first blog of Complexity V4!

    Well, this is my first blog for this site's version 4.

    I remember posting quite a few blogs in the past on the CGS site, and I remember it to be quite interesting to evaluate myself through such frivolous activities.

    Anyways, if I find the same worth as previous moments, I will find my time to blog!

    I wonder how people will see this? Hm. Well, we'll see if anyone posts to this.

    Thanks for reading!
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