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  1. For What It's Worth Part 1

    Something's been bothering me...

    For What It's Worth

    In my own words:

    One is not entitled to respect. I believe that you cannot earn respect unless you've given respect. Respect is your responsibility to upkeep.


    As per usual, the red highlights are there for people who are interested in TLDR versions of the content. Main points are there to make it less boring to read.
  2. Picking Things Back Up

    Lately, we've been given more time to practice. These last couple of weeks have been flooded with back to back matches every weekend. We weren't able to practice without being worn out or tired. This was mostly due to The Premier League and our late entry. Team Evil Geniuses dropped out of the tournament about half way through and we replaced them. Since we were a new team in a league-style tournament, we had to make up for past weeks. With those matches stacked with ongoing tournaments, such as ...
  3. A Brief Introduction to compLexity.DotA's Captain: Fluff

    Hi, I'm Brian "FLUFFNSTUFF" Lee. I'm the captain and secondary support player for coL.DotA2. I'm 19 years old and I live in California. I'm a pretty shy and stoic person outside of DotA. I never intended to be a captain in the first place. However, I realized that I needed to step up to the plate in order to get what I want. At the moment I've taken time off of school to pursue my passion for DotA.

    I've always dreamed of attending great LANs and sponsored events. I looked up to various ...
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