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  1. Busy Busy Busy

    September is a month where everything goes from la-di-da to "What just happened?"

    University has recently started up again and the courses are already getting into a ton of confusing stuff and soon homework will be fired at my forehead with a cannon every few minutes. I'm glad to be in school again, I just wasn't fully prepared for the battering ram knocking on my skull.

    In League, the team is starting to get very busy as of late. We've been putting in more practice ...

    Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro, compLexity.

    My name is Yuhn, or Princess to my team, and I'm one of the newer coL.LoL members acting as one of the AP/AD carries. While I've gotten to know some other players here and there as well as community members, I've never gotten to say hi to all the fan and all the supporters. I've enjoyed my time with the team so far and as a team, we have been progressing quite well.

    Currently, we are more of a sleeper team with fairly unknown players compared ...