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  1. RiF's Avatar
    how could we forget, after you teased us with a "new haircut" but then we never got to see it lol
  2. JetBlk's Avatar
    Good to hear all is well.... And way to steal the exact name of my recent blog, beyotch!
  3. [e]clipse's Avatar
    Female complexity fan? that's how you remember her? lol
    good luck in ur last semester
  4. alm0st's Avatar
    I remember you. Can't forget a female complexity fan!

    Hope to see you up and playing again soon, good to hear you're doing good at school!
  5. belle's Avatar
  6. toddsauce!'s Avatar
    Aw that pup is cute
  7. KateEdge's Avatar
    i want a husky sooo bad!
    awh, shes sooo cute
  8. Popcorn1's Avatar
    I was going to get one a few weeks ago but then decided not to. I'm jealous!
  9. lkyrog's Avatar
    Will be interesting to see what she will look like when full grown....
  10. beasta's Avatar
    niec puppy
  11. onesix's Avatar
    Such a cute puppy.
  12. deLay's Avatar
    Im gettin a husky when I get older.
  13. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    I kid you not there is a kid in my class named co co and every time i hear his name i want to laugh, but cute dog i used to have half pitbull half husky had 1 blue eye and one brown. Named him kaiser
  14. 1's Avatar
  15. Quartz's Avatar
    omg it's moto.

    Oh hai dog.

  16. belle's Avatar
  17. dsl's Avatar
    MOTO + COCO!
  18. c0k3's Avatar
    ohhh moto!
  19. 1's Avatar
    great stuff
  20. Aaron's Avatar
    "it's a chrome garbage can" hahahahaha
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