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  1. Esports Franchises, a thing of the future?

    Today ESNation has some what shocked me with their announcement that Meet Your Makers is now a franchise, managed and maintained by a newly developed company Frontspawn ApS.

    It's founder and managing director Ronnie "twaizz" Jelsbak has previously been involved in SoA (Spirit of Amiga), Boomtown, Regroup Events and MYM. So MYM is still in capable hands.

    However, my question is, "Is franchising the way forward for esports?"

    With my limited ...
  2. 4Kings have 5 days?

    Yesterday, when I set my browser to Four Kings I noticed that they were hosting a countdown on their website, one which currently reads 5 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes and 53 seconds.

    First thoughts were of course, "what the hell is happening in five days?" Whilst their is nothing on the website which explains the need for this timer, I naturally assumed that the company were rebranding (again!)

    January 29th 2009, Four Kings released an interview with their current ...
  3. More contracts up for grabs!

    Just last week Complexity announced that they would hold a Counter-Strike competition where the winner would recieve a 12 month contract with Complexity. Of course, you all knew this already so we'll leave it at that.

    On the other side of the "pond" Fnatic have announced a similar contest. The difference being that the Fnatic "Game Idol" contest is being held to find the organization a Counter-Strike: Source team which is capable of competing in EPS UK Season II. ...
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  4. C3: A European View

    Since the demise of the Championship Gaming Series the American Counter-Strike scene has started to shows signs of improvement. First of all, former CGS players returned to CS and now Complexity have announced the Creative Complxity Challenge, an opportunity of a lifetime!

    In my eyes, the C3 is without a doubt the biggest announcement since the closure of that almighty money eating machine. My only concern is those behind the comeptition may well neglect the winning team and treat ...