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  1. Quartz's Avatar
  2. RiF's Avatar
    sweeet(except i dont use twitter lol)
  3. Yeager183's Avatar
    Weekly show hmm? Sounds good.
  4. 1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by saturOs
    wish you guys could treasure hunt for an american team
    That would be a true treasure hunt at this point :/
  5. saturOs's Avatar
    wish you guys could treasure hunt for an american team
  6. JetBlk's Avatar
    Like Bruce said, they sure have grown :P Nice that you share them with us as it truly makes them a part of the coL family!
  7. eCurb's Avatar
    Man.. its amazing at how big the kids have gotten.

    Go watch Redemption and see how little Allie was.

    The kind've things any dad or future dad looks forward to -- good shit.
  8. Popcorn1's Avatar
    I am actually jealous. Glad Jordan and Alli had fun
  9. 1's Avatar
    Yeah, like 83
  10. Redav's Avatar
    nice! looks nice and warm too.
  11. Jericho's Avatar
    Neat Man
  12. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Damn, bringing in the money! The kids must be having a blast and Jordan looks more and more like you every day.
  13. 1's Avatar
    Wow, crazy article.. that'd be nuts
  14. GoodRiot's Avatar
    Jason please don't bring the karma upon yourself!

  15. Reckful's Avatar
  16. Redav's Avatar
    ... it was like -30 degrees celsius here today.
  17. 1's Avatar
    hehe.. sorry guys, but I had to... I grew up in Iowa for around 23 years so I paid my dues in cold weather
  18. Popcorn1's Avatar
    I really do hate you Jake when you talk about Cali weather.
  19. Shadowz's Avatar
    I used to like you Jason. I live in NEw England and we jsut got hammered with snow :0( I'm so over the winter.
  20. GoodRiot's Avatar
    It was -10 here at 7am...

    Guess you got 100 degrees on me lololol.
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