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  1. CatZ's Avatar
  2. DrewFanboy's Avatar
    good luck in the future
  3. Ryze's Avatar
    You're still the king of natty ice =)
  4. 1's Avatar
    Crazy stuff! Glad you're loving the work.
  5. CoL.Mico's Avatar
    cool blog bro
  6. twigglez's Avatar
    SOOPER busy! O_O gl at mlg providence and nesc2 grand finals!
  7. strength's Avatar
    good luck ryan !
  8. Gynsingg's Avatar
    ah yeah.
  9. Antimage's Avatar
    good luck Ryan!!
  10. Scriptix's Avatar
    going to miss you at mlg =( but I know you'll rock face at these LANs show them what coL is made of!
  11. 1's Avatar
  12. Scriptix's Avatar
    Jealous, of your Brad Pitt body.... oh I mean the cruise, yea that. Lol.
    Glad to have you back man, I'll see you at Dallas!
  13. TeNneT's Avatar
    <333 now i can watch your stream while in class and rage at ustream chat not working! yay!
  14. Popcorn1's Avatar
    HAHAHA. Wait who are you? LOL JK Welcome home
  15. 1's Avatar
    Welcome back! Now get to work. :P lolol
  16. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    We both know that's a lie... you posted in my facebook wall while I was gone!
  17. Antimage's Avatar

    i didnt miss u LOL.
  18. coLFireZerg's Avatar
    good job, have a high five and a chocolate milk buddy =]. who's the man? you the MAN!
  19. MrWest's Avatar
    go ryan! a great teacher and player
  20. gu1d0's Avatar
    nice blog ! keep it up bro
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