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  1. EroSennin's Avatar
    Gj kiddo
  2. paulphoenix's Avatar
  3. coLFireZerg's Avatar
    A+ blog sir!
  4. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    i was jelly when i saw all the old nova guys.... minus me... together
  5. confire's Avatar
    Awesome stuff Brendon, looks like you had a great time at NASL / WCS Canada :P
  6. SanchoPanda's Avatar
    Good points! Us underleagues need to realizes there are layers to practice.

    At lower levels, I think it's helpful to remind people that they can practice a build in a costume game at a slower game rate. (i.e. Fast, or even normal). I've found that if I wait till I do the build exactly right in slower speeds, then increase the speed, my brain can handle the new sequences a lot better.
  7. 1's Avatar
    I usually play.. try not to smash my keyboard.. then watch TV
  8. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    do it up! goodluck man
  9. Antimage's Avatar
    ryze so handsome... cant wait to meet u in toronto <3
  10. analyze's Avatar
    Was awesome meeting you Ryze, look forward to hanging with you @ future events!
  11. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    i<3 ryze!
  12. 1's Avatar
    Was great hanging with you Ryze! You're a pleasure to work with. Keep working hard!
  13. Brien's Avatar
    you cant complain about cheating until you try to scrim in cs 1.6, 90%+ use hacks and about another 5 or more % have them ready to be turned on to hack back at people they think are hacking b/c that will fix the problem in their mind..
  14. strength's Avatar
    Its always going to happen but i dont see blizzard doing anything soon. They believe in their antihack system too much. Their too stubborn imo to make their antihack stronger.
  15. Scriptix's Avatar
    This is horrible for the community that's for sure. Instead of laddering, I think custom games should become more popular.
  16. mavsfan0041's Avatar
    I was scared to ladder yesterday, even though I'm in plat. Reading the TL thread scared me out of it. The problem is blizzard declares themselves solely responsible for the ladder but fails to provide adequate protection for it the way iccup did. Hopefully someone will come out with a new ladder that will be better protected than the blizzard one. Or blizzard fixes their problems. :/ anyways look on TL for "Not the Blizzard Ladder" that's our latest and greatest hope.
  17. Yuenanimous's Avatar
    Hey man it was a real pleasure meeting you at MLG. Just talking with you and the rest of the coL crew has really improved my game. I'm expecting to see some great results at Anaheim. Keep up the great work!
  18. Antimage's Avatar
    BM julian playing at max volume...
  19. strength's Avatar
    glad to see you had a great time =]
  20. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    im so jelly
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