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  1. #10, Dream of a Fairytale

    Dream of a Fairytale
    January 22, 2010.
    Mood: 7/10; fell to 1/10 after separator.

    Recently, I have been infatuated with the TOUHOU "bullet hell" series, which of course, has to have many anime girls within the story line. Where some would view the story as silly, lacking and impossible, I mysteriously relate to it.

    I am not a spiritual person--perhaps I have an excess of self-consciousness and psychology about myself, I do not express ...
  2. #9, Far Too Long!

    December 21, 2009

    Wow, another long period since my last blog, and my last visit to the Complexity community! Yes, I agree it has been far too long since my last visit, but I have been busy with a variety of pleasantries, including those from gaming! I bestoweth upon ye a disorderly and informal blog. Josh doth murder proper formalities [sleep]!

    I've been with the community at www.arcengames.com/forums because I discovered of a great coop RTS (some even call it tower ...

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  3. #8, Busy, busy.

    Sept. 30 2009

    It has rather been a long time of which since I have written a blog. A busy month and a few weeks it has been, moving to a new house, which of course was wearing on the physical--not a particularly pleasurable experience as we all come to realize (unless you make a living out of moving). Assuring, my designation of school remains the same—not to complicate the situation even further. From there, we have some excellent ISP issues regarding my connection, a wonderful ...
  4. Spikey: Poem, "Firestorm"

    I felt artistic yesterday, so I came up with a random poem during my spare time--perhaps to refine my writing skills. An explanation of the poem accompanies, describing of the poem, and my intended interpretation.

    PS. If it is bad, IMO I don't write poems for a living--actually, I don't write poems for anything. rofl. Enjoy, and comment if you wish.

    This poem is Copyright of Josh “Spikey00” Y. Do not distribute/modify without consent from the author. ...
  5. #7, Nostalgia


    Beyond the sweat, heatwaves, and sleepless nights, a disappointment for a few situations that apparently obstruct me once again, as well as hope for a friend that is emerging to become pro have become the main news of this week.

    I am sure that I could have done a lot more for this duration of time, mainly becoming a working class citizen, but clearly, circumstances never permit. I am moving from an apartment, back into a house for the second time—I ...
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