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  1. Hmm should I?

    I was thinking of covering the "Banelings" song
    (parody of Justin Beibers "Baby", for all of you that don't know)

    and maybe at the rap portion of the song I could incorporate one of our own coL.SC2 players, maybe with his own Lyrics for his own Rap about SC2 or Just cover the Original Rap by Husky.

    Either way let me know what you guys think of this idea, and tell me Should I, or Should I not?
    Let ...
  2. WCG quals coming~!

    Though I am sad that we did not make the dreamhack tournament, and the fact the #3 seeded(coL) team had to play the # 1(CLG) and #2(TSM) seed.
    I tried my best, but in the end we got knocked out in the lower bracket. XD

    The next thing coming up for us is the WCG Qualifiers in like a week or so I'm pretty pumped for that! Time to get in lots of practice! lol the only thing I'm worried about that is that a couple of our members are canadian, and can't participate in the USA WCG ...
  3. The Road to Dreamhack

    It all started about 2-3 months ago, when me and my team formed. This team was thereafter named, Epic Charmanders, but now known as compLexity.LoL. Though we just recently found out that the tournaments all this year had been accumulating points towards this so called "Dreamhack" trip to Sweden for a prize pool of 100k, and that only the top 3 teams from North America for League of Legends would be invited to this tournament, at that very moment me and my team set our sights on getting ...