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  1. john_doom's Avatar
    Thansk Fluff. I am toooo lazy to watch all replays and specially lost matches I know i should, but...
  2. coL.Franzzii's Avatar
    good read fluff keep it up, ez TI3
  3. men1kmati-'s Avatar
    nice blog
  4. RmZD's Avatar
    This is rather brilliantly written. I'm American, and have been trying to get into the DotA scene for a while now, but people tend to be incredibly caustic and xenopohic. As you said, the issue truly is respect. Whether it be purely junvinile immaturity or fear of another players skill, there is little respect shown.
    I've followed coL since the initial FIRE days, and as a team, you have handled yourselves very professionally and respectfully. It's nice to see other people in this country who handle themselves in such a fashion. I'll be cheering for you guys at TI2. Hope to meet in a pub someday :P
  5. FLUFFNSTUFF's Avatar
    I remember you. Thanks for your support.
  6. StriderZA's Avatar
    Hi there Fluff,

    You may not remember me, and this comment might not mean that much to you, but I used to play in the NADL, from about Dec-Feb. It's funny, because I created this account, simply to make a comment on this blog. I wanted you to know that because I was an outsider (South African who moved to the US) and because I wasn't "known" among the group of elites - although I could hold my own as far as relative skill level is concerned - I would constantly be flamed, or trolled, or simply just raged at. This actually led me to reverting to solo MM'ing, and surely that isn't what our communities want to encourage. Surely we want a community that breeds good manners, good team work , and good players. Anyway, I do recall playing with/against you a few times, and you generally were a cool, well mannered guy.

    I highly doubt you remember me, but I remembered you, and after being linked to this article via reddit, I just felt inclined to let you know that I fully support you man. I support this blog, I support your way of thinking, and from now on I'll be supporting coL in the competitive scene.

    Keep on with the positive attitude. Hopefully - slowly but surely - people will begin to change the way they see things and begin to gravitate to the same thought process that you have - adopting an optimistic outlook, just like you have demonstrated in this blog.

  7. Spit-wad's Avatar
    A worthwhile read, even for those who disagree.

    Keep in mind that there will always be people in the community who simply enjoy flaming/trolling, whether or not they have any Esports ambitions. You may choose not to respect them, but that doesn't mean they don't respect you.
  8. coL.Franzzii's Avatar
    good read, couldn't agree more with a lot of the points you made. Respect seems almost nonexistent in games like Dota/HoN/LoL.
  9. chappY's Avatar
    legendary blog once again
  10. rileno's Avatar
    Awesome post and great attitude towards the game. I always take down notes when Fluff makes a blog entry!
  11. 1's Avatar
    Really looking forward to coL.DotA streaming!
  12. Redav's Avatar
    Sounds good! I will also be streaming if i ever get good internet. The most important thing to remember is viewer interaction imo.
  13. Yeager183's Avatar
    I recall that processor power trumps video card for the most part when it comes to streaming. I suppose that's all from reading about SC2 streaming, but I'd assume its very much similar for DotA. (My setup is fantastic for both, but I can't stream CS 1.6 properly at all, so idk lol.)
  14. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    i <3 the dota team! keep it up guys!
  15. 1's Avatar
    Hair... so.. fluffy... must.. resist...
  16. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    great to hear more from you guys! really glad youre part of the complexity family, keep it up
  17. Redav's Avatar
    It's great to see such passion and determination in players, you guys will fit right in.