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  1. delinquent4's Avatar
    Haha I'm glad my flights have never been that way. Sorry they were such a bummer. Hopefully you pick a better company next time lol. GL
  2. Rainman's Avatar
    Ah what a bummer. A friend of mine had some troubles with american airlines like 3 weeks ago :/
  3. SarahT's Avatar
    No problem I loved helping out any way I could.
  4. 1's Avatar
    Sorry you guys had such nightmarish travels! Super glad you were there. Thanks for helping out so much.
  5. LawLer's Avatar
    WOW, that sucks! Sorry to hear that! At least you had some joy out of the trip! Thanks for the blog
  6. coL|aMies's Avatar
    /me grinds fist in hand
  7. Popcorn1's Avatar
    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA I can't wait.
  8. 1's Avatar
    Watch out for that Popcorn fella.
  9. Jericho's Avatar
    Have Fun
  10. SarahT's Avatar
    I know I'm excited.
  11. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Merry Christmas to you guys! It is almost time for Orlando!!!!!!!
  12. 1's Avatar
    A Christmas Story is such a great flick. Love the leg lamp LOL
  13. DeFy18's Avatar
    i think its meant as a joke, if not its not true
  14. SarahT's Avatar
    Indeed they do.
  15. Spikey00's Avatar
    Well, at least lemonade and apples smell better than grease/etc.! (:
  16. I'mheretohelp's Avatar
    People are douchebags, it is good you are getting use to it now.
  17. analyze's Avatar
    Strawberry lemonade from Red Robin is amazing.
  18. haticK's Avatar
    mmm after cutting the grass lemonade sounds sooo good.
  19. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    Very cool
  20. nops's Avatar
    haha good stuff.
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