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  1. Just..

    Wanted to make a quick blog post to thank creative for finally getting my prize out to my doorstep. Don't know exactly what was up with everything, but at least it got here! Along with the earbuds that I won, I got a Vado because of the late delivery.

    ...Which is just straight up bad ass.

    I got a chance to use it this weekend at my nephews first birthday and the quality is outstanding.

    Even though I'm sure most of you know what the quality looks like for ...
  2. Glp/bootcamp

    I wanted to wait awhile until blogging for the prize package to get here from that blog competition came in. Still haven't got it. Jason told me it had to do with some confusion with the order and that it just got sent out, like two weeks ago.

    So I should be getting it soon, but with "extra goodies".

    Anyway, as the topic reads right now I'm packing up all of my things and getting ready for another three day boot camp: this time with token ring.

    S5 ...
  3. Arctic Thugz

    Remember how I was talking about how Alex, the leader of a1m, left the team for another?

    Well, that team has finally publicly stepped into the open and took over the Artic Thugz' esea invite spot.

    So it's pretty cool that lanhero is going to get to play against complexity this Tuesday @ 8 CST.

    Definitely a match to watch for me!

    They have stated that they're "just going to pug it" so complexity should get another solid win.
  4. Blog Entry 1337

    I'm not done blogging and I haven't forgotten about my promises to deliver you some extremely good footage. In the video, on the drive home after Lethal Gamers, Skylar (titan) and myself were talking about the team. At this point, we already knew that a1m was going to die. We knew that Alex was going to take the offer he received. We knew that Eclipse wasn't a good fit for the team.

    Our only thoughts on the way home was: "What's next?"

    A few days after LG, Skylar ...
  5. Small update for you!

    Brackets from last night: http://www.gotfrag.com/cs/story/44218/

    I'll write in full about all of this when we have the footage to back it up.

    All kind of a blurr right now anyway!

    Those of you that don't know, mNm.tx, who won Lethal Gamers again, attended with Lupris from EG.

    From as far as I can remember and who all I met during the event, the rosters for most of the teams that attended were as follows:

    weo: coolahanx, ...

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