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  1. Rainman's Avatar
    I definitely could see you going far with your writing.. I love reading all your articles and predictions
  2. vision117's Avatar
    I'm glad you was thinking of me :P, Well if being a ESPN writer is what you are passionate do not give up on that dream. And I am sure if people would see your talent in e-Sports maybe you could do stuff for GotFrag, SK-Gaming maybe something big like that I wish you the best of luck where ever your career takes you if its a legendary e-Sports writer or a top ESPN writer, Don't give up on your dreams
  3. 1's Avatar
  4. da bears's Avatar
    PACKERS FAN, BREWERS FAN?!?! I think I'm going to barf right now! but hey, Heather makes delicious cookies at lans mmmmmmm I can't wait for your next batches of cookies! I'm not kidding I WANT COOKIES MM MM!M!M!M M!M!
  5. vnM's Avatar
    I know what you mean on many fronts. On an international level, yes I rooted for coL because if coL won, it gained respect for our national scene. But on a local level.. It was similar to 2007, rooting against the Patriots. It is especially weird since I would always be rooting for Erik whenever they played, whether with JMC or zEx, and he seemed to always be able to get that W vs them. So its weird to see him on the other side of the fence, and to root for the coL name. Even though I never had anything against the old team, I'm friends with Danny and hung out with the guys on a few occasions, but seeing Goliath fall has always interested me, whether in basketball, football, or counter-strike.

    I have to say though, its great seeing communities of all sorts being brought together by the creation of this lineup. It feels similar to the tsg/u5 merger that helped create the old coL.
  6. RiF's Avatar
    sports analogy's are only good if you do them as if you were john madden :P
  7. StarLight's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree its weird to be rooting on the same team as Heather :P

  8. jose's Avatar
    Yea you just scrimmed against me and my friends I didn't even noticed you till you held us down with your awp. I knew ako tho.
  9. ciaiei's Avatar
    lol, I don't know why, but I just taught this was hilarious! =D
  10. Volcano's Avatar
    nice blog! seems to have brought in good discussion and lol's as well
  11. coL-c|Kirsch's Avatar
    Mentioning the Packers = YAY (From Madison)
    Mentioning the Cubs = YAY (From Madison.. Dad is a Cubs fan)

    Yes. I am a Die-Hard Packers fan. Born and raised in Wisconsin. BUT, my Grandpa was a Cubs fan. Hence, my Dad was a Cubs fan. Hence, I am a Cubs fan.

    But I still like the Brewers, unless they are playing the Cubs.

    This post is meaningless, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

  12. coL-s|soX's Avatar
    coL-Juice isn't so bad is it jax? =)
  13. -Ez's Avatar
    Great to have you around
  14. gohper's Avatar
    Minnesota > Wisconsin

    and btw I felt really sketchy sticking around here when I was the biggest Warden fan for a while but honestly the more I watched complexity I think I get more of a cs energy watching JASON LAKE manage his team than any cs player... Nothing odd about it, changes happen
  15. GoodRiot's Avatar
    coL is whole. =P
  16. eCurb's Avatar
    The former JMC Scorebot Queen.

    <3 Glad you're here with us Saph
  17. jdubya's Avatar
    Well you lost my respect when you said you were a brewers fan, then regained it by saying the packers, then lost it again by saying you were gonna root for the jets, then gained it again for saying your a favre fan....

    No wonder you beat up my wife my dream.....she's an eagles fan, packers/favre fans stick together =o)

    Welcome to the community, and I bet your gonna be the biggest "fanboy" yet. =
  18. citron's Avatar
    You do whatever you want! Your welcome wherever you want to be
  19. Ne0phyt3's Avatar
    Well you're welcome around here of course. I always looked at the coL-3d rivalry as funny and never hated/disliked anyone that was part of or fan of team 3D, and its a shame that the rivalry disappeared imo. I hope the 'new coL fans' will feel at home around here.
  20. sapphiRe's Avatar
    "I'm still encouraging Torbull to reopen 3D so you never know what will happen but I hope you stick around and root for both teams even if he does"

    While it would be great for the CS community to have 3D back and I hope to see the team return, I definitely plan on sticking around here . Keep in mind I am the true #1 Volcano fan..... hehe =).
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