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  1. School...

    Hellllllo all... been another while since i wrote a blog.. anyway i'm gonna go straightt to it.

    as you all know, WCG Canada didn't go very well for coL.ca...Nothing turned out as expected, but shit happens..thats the way teams get better, and we can only learn from our mistakes.

    the team hasn't been playing lately since i guess we decided to take a break from the game for a little while.

    but anyway, on another note. I started school yesterday..i go to George ...
  2. heylo

    Hey guys! just came back from the WCG Canadian eastern qualifiers in Aurora ontario..first lan under the coL name..i've never really wrote a blog in my life so here goes haha...hopefully you guys don't get too bored ^_^

    my name is wilson ryan chen.. ryan is actually my middle name now, its a long story behind my names so i'm not going to write all that out x) it's pretty boring anyway. umm i live in markham ontario and im starting my first year in college at george brown this comming ...

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