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Day To Day coL Coverage Blog

A blog by community member Billy "Billy@Brooklyn" Figueroa

  1. Blog 3: coL vs DEF Recap

    Well last night we saw compLexity defeat Delta Elite Force on nuke 16-13. compLexity won first half (T side) 8-7 after trailing most of the first half. Their CT side was pretty strong. zid was doing most of the fragging on CT side, helping his team win the match. coL went up about 15-9 and had a hard time getting that last round in. After a couple of saves they got themselves together and were able to win the last round taking the game.

    Random thoughts from last night's match ...
  2. Blog 2: Delta Elite Force @ compLexity

    Game time: 10:00 P.M. EST

    Live coverage:
    HLTV: spectv002.esea.net:29396
    Scorebot: #complexity
    Stream: compLexiTV

    compLexity (0-1)

    Delta Elite Force (0-1)

    Yea it is the playoffs. This comes as a shock to me because I haven't been keeping up with e-sports. ...

    Updated 04-15-2009 at 10:12 PM by Billy@Brooklyn

  3. Blog 1: coL 1.6 Coverage, Information, What is this about?

    Hello there. This would be my first blog post here and probably ever on the internet. After reading the Bloggers Wanted! post on how there was a contest for blogging I thought it would be a good idea to do it and go in a different direction of blogging for gaming.

    About me
    Well my name is Billy Figueroa. I've played CS 1.6 competitively since 2004. Right now I am taking a break from CS to focus on school. I attend the Art Institute of NYC and majoring in web design & interactive ...
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