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  1. Interviews

    Well guys,

    Since I have started working with compLexity I really haven't been able to do as many interviews as I would have liked. I have had two already fall through with players that were interesting to do them with, and I need more ideas. For those of you who wanted me to interview Josh Sievers, well hold on tight as this might be very possible!

    In the meanwhile, I'd like to find individuals to interview, but individuals that YOU, the radicoL's are interested in reading ...
  2. coL-s|mki!

    Welcome to my first blog of what I hope will be many at compLexitygaming.com!

    Many of you may have noticed the news post which was recently posted by aMies about compLexity hiring writers, product reviews, etc. As I posted on that news, I applied - and needless to say, I got the job! I'm absolutely thrilled to be working for compLexity. coL is without a doubt one of the bright pillars of North American e-sports. When it comes to gaming organizations, their life spans aren't to long ...