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  1. Sports Interaction Blogging Contest

    So there was a contest I was invited to join which featured bloggers who wrote four articles with one a week and is heading into it's final week and I'll need a good push. Thought I'd check back in here with you guys It's solely based on reads so spread the word

    Below I have linked the four articles and a quick blurb. Feedback always welcomed and it has been fun trying to get at topics.


    Week one of the Sports Interaction blogging contest starts with ...
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  2. Why I Feel the Jim Barker Experiment is Coming To an End in Toronto

    So this was my second week submission article for the Sports Interaction blog contest.

    The link can be found here. The contest runs on most views accumulated over the four week period. Appreciate the reads, feedback and be sure to spread the word
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  3. The Emergence of Wide Receiver Cory Watson & Return of Terence-Jeffers Harris

    There's a contest going on that I entered in for writing and I'm doing our league. The first article is done and is about my local team and their two receivers who are quickly rising to the top in both Terence-Jeffers Harris and Cory Watson.

    User with four articles and gains the most viewership reads. If you like it, spread the link

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