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R.I.P. Palm Treo 680.

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Today after an unwanted and unfortunate encounter with a pool of dr pepper, my treo has officially been given its last rights, and is on route to electronics heaven.

As of 4:27 pm, I am sad to say I have officially laid my treo to rest.

Some other unwanted, and unfortunate experiences in its life consist of..

  • Dropped into a bucket of mop water while at work.
  • Fallen out of a truck, while driving on a logging road and eventually skidded to a stop in a stream.
  • Left outside during a thunderstorm.
  • Fallen out of a car, while driving on a major local roadway.
  • Dropped countless times.
  • 3 Year old throwing it like a ball, repeatedly.
  • 3 Year old stomping on it repeatedly.
  • 8 Year old having a fit and kicking it like a football.
  • Then-Girlfriend seeing a text message from a woman that frequents where I work, throwing it at a wall.

This phone was labeled the toughest phone in family history, and was branded "TANK" across the battery cover.

It had a long, rough, and hard fought life and will be truely missed.

On a brighter note, as I am currently phone-less, tomorrow I'm going to make a pit stop to the at&t store, and pick me up a blackberry curve 8320, on route to work.

The End.

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  1. 1's Avatar
  2. highfive's Avatar
    No way. I had an iphone, and hated it. My hands are too big for that on screen keyboard.

    Curve 8320!
  3. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    agree with 1 agree agree agreee iphone is the best phone ever
  4. eCurb's Avatar
    Go get a G1.

    iPhone's enemy!
  5. highfive's Avatar
    OR.. Go with what I said in my OP and snag the curve 8320 and abuse the free wifi.
  6. Loki's Avatar
    Stop falling out of moving vehicles!