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My gee-tars

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So I have two guitars. One of them is a black Fender Stratacoustic, and the other is a Red Talent Dreadnaught-looking thing (http://www.easternentertainmentservi...S/cd160e12.jpg for an idea)

Here's the Fender:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...n/DSCN0202.jpg

And here's the Talent:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...n/DSCN0203.jpg

As you can (maybe) see, I'm worried because the wood on the Talent is beginning to separate from the body of the guitar, which is VERY bad. I'm not sure what to do, considering I have just restrung the Talent. D:

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Love Fenders, man.

    Good stuff Rebound.. now get permission to come write for us.
  2. Zeppelin's Avatar
    You probably strung it too tight or something. My sister ended up stringing her guitar too tight and the neck started to separate from the body.
  3. atfizzle's Avatar
    My 1st guess would be that you need to humidify your guitar. If the wood gets to dry the bridge will start to separate from the body. Go to your local music store, pick up a humidifier and place it into the guitar, and put that guitar into a case. You will want the humidity level to be around 35 to 45% I believe. It should say on the package. Give it a little time and things should start to get better, although some of the damage may not be reversible.
  4. atfizzle's Avatar
    oh yes and zeppelin may also be right, make sure that you don't have the stings to tight, and make sure that your guitar has been set up for what ever gauge strings you use. Look down the neck of the guitar, and if the bow in the neck is very noticeable you are going to want to adjust your truss rod. Don't know how long you have been playing but if the latter is the case, you may want to have a guitar tech look at it.