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Events and patching!

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Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that MLG DC is less then a week away, and there is going to be a major content patch tomorrow. That gives teams 2 days to adapt and pick up all the new things before the event. Something like this has happened once before and the event was crazy yet memorable at the same time.

Our initial impressions are giving us tons of ideas about how to use the new patch to our advantage. I'll link you guys a few things changing for me here:

  • This is a new resource which has replaced mana. Hunters never felt like they should be casting mana-based spells, and having a resource that lasted for a long time and then was painfully gone didnít lead to compelling gameplay.

  • Hunters can now use Call Pet to choose from among five different pets. They can swap out any of these five pets with other pets they have tamed by visiting a Stable Master. The Stable Master now allows the hunter to store twenty pets total.
  • Pet families have been updated. Each family can now provide unique buffs to parties or raids, so if a class buff is needed for a raid and that class isn't represented in the group, chances are a hunter can provide a little assistance by calling out a specific pet.

Now the focus change is going to take the most time to get used to since it is something completely different then I have ever done before. The pet changes are huge and all the customization should be amazing for LAN play.

This event probably won't have a long lasting effect on who will be the dominant teams for the expansion since HP pools and patches will surely be changed before then, but it will be an event where whoever can find out the best thing to run and use will probably be the team standing in the end with the MLG DC title.

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  1. Asway's Avatar
  2. NuahcerpeL's Avatar
    whos gonna be ur 3rd player for this event?
  3. Asway's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NuahcerpeL
    whos gonna be ur 3rd player for this event?
    word on street is that zilea will be going